2008/01/17 – Process:Self Honesty. ALOHA!

Aloha and welcome! This blog isn’t your ordinary, run-of-the-mill blog that you’re probably familiar with. No, this blog is going to be very strange, difficult, funny, demanding, hellish, embarrassing, angry and most of all, honest. Yes, this is very much an Old Skool online diary, but  with a difference. I expect myself to be 100% honest in every word I type for every day I return here to share with you my voyage into self-honesty.There are two parts to this blog. This section will feature my daily explorations in  Process: Self-Honesty, and another page, Dancing Before the Cataclysm,  will highlight portions of my memoir that I begun writing not too long ago, also applying self-honesty within the words written. Ought to be interesting. At least for me. The About Me tab details why I have chosen to undertake Process:Self-Honesty. And there are a couple of links of some of my favorite sites along with a FAQ and introduction to the Desteni web site that will provide some background on why Process:Self-Honesty is so important.  

Anyway, enough of my yakkin.’ Let’s boogie!   


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