2008/01/21- My War

My war with the various spiritual websites is now over. That’s right. I surrender. Actually, in the words of that great Native American, Chief Joseph, “I will fight no more, forever.”


I am tired of fighting with people who beLIEve in “Ascensions.”


Yahweh is dead.


The Anunnaki are dead.


The Sirians and Serpents are dead.


The Ascended Masters are all dead.


The People are dead, although the television hasn’t reported it yet.


It is the psychics who cry out for Love and Hope.


Who led all the Lightweenies only channel the blank programs in their mind.


The world is Hell but the psychics jabber about “hope.”


The little children are marched off to death.


While copies of “The Secret”


Promotes Enlightened Capitalism 


While the children of the poor have no blankets, no food.


Hear me, my  friends, I no longer have to be “right!”


I will stand up and tell the world:


From where the sun now stands


Till Here, No Further –

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