2008/01/27 – Boxes



The past couple of days have been hectic. I’ve been busy with two writing projects, working overtime, readying for for move to Florida in a couple of months and helping my step-daughter book a band for a benefit concert for her animal rescue, Pound Hounds. Left me with little time to keep up with the blog.


In the middle of all that activity, I’ve noticed the feeling of being in two worlds at once. The world that I have an identity as Darryl, where I interact with the people in my world at work and at home, which is one I live in separation, and the Darryl that when alone or at rest, is very aware of everything around me, everything that I can touch possess awareness. 

Sometimes, these two worlds interact, blend and crossfade into each other.


Like yesterday, I’m at work putting in some overtime, and a couple of guys that I interact with daily were there. We presented our perfunctory greetings and “how are you’s,” like good little socialized robotic colleagues. They were just “others” performing their duties while I performed mine, grateful for the privacy I had working alone in the lower stacks of the library. Soon, I lost myself in the details of my job and existed pretty much in my mind.


What pulled me out of my mind was when I had to break down some cardboard boxes. This is something I do many times during my work day. Somehow the touch of the cardboard to my fingers returns to me the realization of everything being aware. I wonder if the box feels “pain” when I take out the boxcutter and slice the tape that holds the box into shape. No, the box wouldn’t, but the tape might, being split in two by the sharp edge of the razor. I wonder if the razor and that tape and the box enter into any communication during this breaking down of the box. 


This box, along with many others before it, would sit on the floor next to the elevator until the maintenance guy would pick it up and place it for disposal. Maybe the box would be recycled. Maybe the box  would be sent to the landfill where it eventually biodegrade back into the earth. There will be more boxes to rip open and dispose of tomorrow and the next day and the days after that. We take the materials of this world, transform them into tools and “products,” and then toss them away when their use is no longer required. In Italy, there’s a massive trash problem because there’s nowhere left to place the trash. And all the while, Italy creates even more and more trash it cannot dispose of. 


This could be the post-post industrial era where machines consume so much, that there’s nothing left but trash. Technological mind systems have created a techno-illogical “dead-end,” that literally consumes, transforms and stupidly “trashes” Nature to the point of extinction.


Are you hip to Rapa Nui? The more common name is Easter Island, where those gigantic statues were erected to honor some great beings, or generals or kings. The natives there were so obsessed with the building and erecting of the colossal statues, that they innocently, and stupidly, de-frorested all the trees on the island, which they used to move these things, apparently. By the time they figured out what was going on, it was too late. The game had all died because of the eco – system being wrecked. Unsupported by the nature they destroyed, most of the islanders died off. All that was left of the island were these big, mute, stupid-looking moais that were littered all over the island. 


Recently, there has been an interesting development on Rapa Nui. Tourism has gone through the roof! But some of the natives that remain there are complaining. Apparently, the island is now being plagued with a massive litter problem the tourists are leaving behind. Which goes to show you that when you’re dealing with mindsystems, the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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