2008/02/12 – Checking Assumptions

When is the time right to check one’s assumptions? Where can this process of self-honesty take us? Birthing ourselves to life, is what I would like to happen! So many times I stare at the empty white space on my computer monitor, the feeling of any movement, suppressed. Sometimes, I feel too tired to express anything meaningful. Well, at least I’m being honest! *wink*


But can self-honesty lead to self-dishonesty? Oh, yeah. Definitely. I have set out on a path to be honest and my mind assures me that there is nothing to write here. “You’re too tired,” it says. “You’re writing hard everyday. Skipping a day or two won’t hurt. Take a break.” I have let my mind lull me to sleep. Not good, but at least I had an inkling what was going down. 


It was the I AM standing up within me as me, whispering in my ear to “get off your ass.” Thank you, I AM. There’s so much I want to express. But it is difficult at times to call it all up for examination. Sometimes I have something great to express when I’m away from the computer. Then by the time I’ve gotten around to getting it down, it’s too dry and trite and embarrassing. And I thought Process : Self – Honesty would be a cakewalk. But I have seen a tendency to start out strong and lose a bit of steam along the way. I won’t let this happen to my blog now that I’ve put it out here for all to see.


Alice B. said something in the Desteni message board that set a light bulb off in my head. She said, 


” […]no more existing in the past, stop participation in the mind – so that we stop existing within the past – ‘creating the future’, but live here in every moment to manifest life as all as one as equal. “


This really threw a “rod” in the engine block of my brain. By participating in the past thru memories, emotions and the pictures we carry alongside these things, by participating and “being there” with those picture/memories in our mind, we create the past. Which then designs our future! Maybe we should “forget” everything. Stepping out of the mind is like being in the world but not of it. I recall (#@$!) something in the Jane Roberts / Seth books, where Seth, channeled by Roberts, claimed that one could “change the past” by “changing the memories to create a new past:


“By changing this past in your mind, now, in your present, you can change not only its nature but its effect, and not only upon yourself but upon others.”

– Seth, Chapter 16, page 262, Session 566, Seth Speaks.


The sweet-sounding deception in this trap here is that the mind is allowed to operate in creatively visualizing a past that is housed in terms of consciousness; the “future” that will indeed transpire according to the unified consciousness matrix, thereby ensuring its existence of preprogrammed mind systems. A stark contrast to what Alice B. is saying, which is: check your mind at the door. Screw the past and stop participating in the past with memories and the pictures of your mind. 

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