2008/03/23 – Easter Rant

I used to believe in “God.” I was brought up Catholic, went to Catholic school. Was taught to pray in Catholic Church. Learned the entire Holy Narrative from Adam and Eve to The Second Coming. I still remember sitting in the enormous and uncomfortable wooden pews, the sweet, sticky incense wafting above the congregation. The sun streaming light through the beautiful stained glass depictions of the Saints and the Holy Trinity. The low ominous voice speaking in Latin in front of the Altar where I would walk up to and take the Body of Christ into my mouth. I loved the majesty and was consumed by the nameless mystery of it. This mystery would haunt me for the rest of my life. I’ve seen myself undergo many layers of spiritual understanding, peeling the mysteries away like layers of an onion. And the more I peeled, the more the mystery receded into itself. Where has “God” gone? Why had Jesus’ mission on Earth been such an abject failure? These thoughts that I have, which may only exist for me, troubled me greatly over the years. And why had I asked, “Where has “God” gone?” Because I thought I had touched “It,” after enduring a profound, metaphysical contact which I believed was Divine. I had unwittingly, tapped into some cosmic energy bay- a shining, overwhelming white light that told me-“This is “God,” before disappearing. I was completely stunned. Had I lost my mind? Was I going bonkers? How can I explain this? So, for me, in that moment, it seemed “God” existed. But I have had many, many more moments where that screamed the denial of “God’s” existence in my ear. Especially when you are confronted with the True Nature of Humanity. A world where children are raped, brutalized and sold into slavery. Where unrelenting misery and terror fills the lives of the impoverished and the disenfranchised. Where the resources of the world is consumed and consumed unceasingly-until the day arrives when we will all be faced with the prospect of eco-collapse and depleted reserves. Don’t look to the advances of science and technology to help us out of this intractable Gordian Knot. Technology has only hastened our enslavement and our eventual destruction. Technology has made us LESS FREE and less safe. Who would’ve thought? It’s simply amazing when you think about it. But the nature of human beings is that of cruelty, consumption and dishonesty. The idea of Utopias, whether brought to us by Jesus or Einstein, will never materialize. It is dead, and History is dead. The civilizations of the world will soon implode-not because of political warfare only-but because the dwindling supply of cheap oil will at last bring the haughty civilizations to it’s knees. And what does the Easter Story of Jesus rising from the tomb on the third day have to do with all this? The Resurrection and the Ascension of Christ had no bearing on the affairs of the world at all, other than eventually making things tougher for everyone else ever since! What a poor excuse for a Solar Deity. Oh, some guy named Jesus may have taught that were are the Children of God and was put to death for his troubles and died on a cross on some distant rock in ancient Palestine, 2000 years ago. Yeah, and some people may have “seen” his ghost or wanted to beLIEve so badly that this cat still existed and was sitting on the Right Hand of God. But he was mistaken about one very important thing. The meek did not inherit the Earth.


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