2008/04/02 – David Lynch and the Invincible Raja Emannuel


 And here I am wondering what I was going to write about today when I suddenly remembered a very strange youtube clip sent to me via DesteniProductions. I know… “a very strange youtube clip” is redundant. But it’s also repetitive. And what do me sleepy eyes see but Hollywood director David Lynch giving a presentation at what seems to by a symposium or something. Lynch speaks and says some things and then introduces a strangely-dressed guru – looking guy who goes by the name of “Raja Emannuel.” Apparently, his real name is Emanuel Schiffgens, and he’s the “Administrator of Germany for the Global Country of World Peace.” The “Raja,’ arrayed in a dazzling white robe and a gold crown laid out detailed plans for the building of a “Tower of Invincibility,” a four-storey marble-exteriored building in a nice shady spot in western Berlin on a pile of dirt affectionately called Teufelsberg (Devil’s Mountain), that was to be dedicated to the Maharishi Manesh Yogi, the founder of the Transcendental Meditation system. I guess you can call a four-storey building a “Tower of Invincibility,” Certainly sounds impressive. 



So, the Raja begins speaking in German about his University of Invincibility that Lynch and the “Raja” are desiring to build. Cool, if you’re into that whole “Enlightenment” crap. But then the Raja inexplicably swerves into oncoming traffic, namely the expectations of the audience who there to meditate on Love and Light.


“We want an invincible Germany!”


Huh? Come again?


“An invincible Germany is a Germany that is invincible!”


“Invincible Germany! Invincible Germany! – I want to hear you all say ‘Invincible Germany!’”


Joseph Goebbels would have been so proud!. I didn’t see you enter the room. Now, I didn’t expect what happened next. I am usually disappointed in my reactions to fucked-up events and in other people’s, as well.


 “Raja” then answers a heckler who shouts that Hitler also wanted an invincible Germany, “Raja” replied, “Yes, but unfortunately he didn’t succeed.”


OMG, the shit hits the fan, and the audience begins to lose it! A German woman shouts loudly, “You are a charlatan! This is bad theater!” Lynch looks up look as if he’s thinking, “What the hell?” 


Then David Lynch slowly becomes hip to what’s happening but it’s too late. No mater how hard he tries to polish this turd, it’s all gone too badly.  “I don’t know what he said, but I think I understand he used a word from the Third Reich, and let’s just look at it this way – it’s a new world now.” No it’s not David. It’s the same old world as it ever was. And not even a network of elite “invincible universities” all across Europe will change anything in the least. 


Oh, Dave, I just found out on the net that the city council in Berlin has refused to let you build your awesome Invincibility Tower. Maybe you should try Belgium next. 





2 thoughts on “2008/04/02 – David Lynch and the Invincible Raja Emannuel

  1. Leaving aside that freak speaking German (I can’t possibly take seriously a person that wears a sheet), it is interesting the comment that one of the people in the audience does. A man says when Lynch goes back to the “altar”:

    -He should use other words because these are very close to the 3rd reich!!

    So, it is not really the message what is wrong but the discourse he uses to communicate. Words again. People wouldn’t get so angry if he would have said: “yes but the Romans didn’t succeed” or “but the Greeks didn’t succeed” or “the Ottomans didn’t succeed” or “the Huns didn’t succeed”. Would anything happen if instead of talking about Hitler he would talk about Julius Caesar or Attila or Charlemagne or even Lenin?

    I really enjoy your blog Kid Mongo 😛

  2. Thanks so much.

    Your question is a good one. As you already know, the words that “Raja” chose to use regarding the “Invincibility of Germany” are laden with painful Nazi symbols and images, which modern Germans are loathe to revisit. Not only that, but judging from the audience’s reaction to this gold crown-wearing, white-robbed doofus spouting his xenophobic bullshit – particularly the wonderfully apt proclamation of, “This is bad theatre,” Raja, the image of a nationalistic exhortation of an Invincible Germany had disappeared into a painful simulation of Germany’s Nazi past. Simply because the codes that were attached to the words he used. (A this a mind-control exercise gone awry?)

    So, yes, I agree with you. And let’s not forget the fear-based context which this whole act was built upon.

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