2008/04/07 – Separation and the Classic Rock Rant

I’m sitting at my desk at work, right? And the guy from upstairs all  of a sudden has to move to the empty  desk next to me. He’s an okay guy, does his job and does it pretty well, in fact. But he does possess a very annoying and disturbing trait : he loves to listen to Classic Rock. And he insists on playing it from his computer loud enough for me to hear it. I’m seriously considering looking for another place to work. 

This is very irritating to me, and I don’t know what to do. One thing, he’s a lot bigger than me, so threatening him is not an option. The only thing I can do is endure it, and it’s so hard! Because Classic Rock is the biggest cultural fraud since the American Banking system. My “God,” people! 1975 has come and gone! Move on, already! “Lady” by that disgustingly putrid laughingstock “band” called Styx is not a song I need to hear 30 fucking years after I heard it the first time. Because it sucked then! SeriouslyIf I never, EVER hear Boston’s “More than A Feeling,” it will be too soon. The Eagles,, Rush,  Joe Walsh and Chicago all sucked in the 70s, and guess what – they all got worse with age! Please, for the love of “God,” people, stop listening to nostalgic, cretinized  mewlings of suck that IS Classic Rock. GRRRRRRRR!!!! I almost would rather listen to a Garth Brooks and Green Day Marathon. Almost.

Of course, my musical tastes are highly refined, nuanced and exhibiting an astonishing breadth of eclecticism that is a joy to behold! Which is what I cannot begin to fathom. Because it’s obvious to ME, that my tastes in music are vastly superior to the lame shit my colleague foists upon me. As if I would grow to appreciate “Hotel California” or “Free Bird” after the 600,00th time I had to endure listening to that shit. 

So it seems that I may be in separation with this guy because I think his preference in music sucks. Hey, I don’t think I can take him along with the musical trash he’s so fond of, and place him within myself, in the Destenian sense, of course. I’m not one and equal with Classic Rock. Simple. So, he needs to start listen to the music I approve of. We’ll start with a little RamonesFiery Furnaces, The Magnetic Fields, Martin Denny, The Fall, Howling Wolf, Desmond Dekker, Elis Regina and Sarah Vaughn, for starters. and if he drops to his knees and bows to the musical greatness emanating from my computer desktop speakers, well, maybe there’s hope for this guy. And the world.

But first, Classic Rock must die!!!!



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