2008/04/14 – When will I ever learn? HUH??

Oh, man. It’s like an addiction with me. Well, “like an addiction” is kind of redundant. I should say, “it’s an addiction.” That would be more correct.

And what is this habit, this problem I have? Well, it’s called trying to tell people what’s good for them. Trying to tell someone what they really should be doing, acting or thinking. Trying to bring the best out of someone else.

What am I, an idiot?

It’s so ludicrous. And I always say something that either confuses the person or else I come off like a big know-it-all-busy body, which is the kind of person I can’t stand.

I get it. There are some people beyond help. And if I can’t reach them, it’s okay. I don’t have to forgive myself for trying to get thru to them.

I can’t help but to try, sometimes. It’s not something I do everyday. But it’s dangerously close to becoming a hobby.

I can only work on becoming more self-aware and more confident of myself.

It’s something called, “the Mother Matrix System.” I must have inherited it from my mother.

If you haven’t heard of the Mother Matrix System Demon, well, here’s a good clip from Desteni Productions that will break it down for you.


(Video removed by YouTube)

One thought on “2008/04/14 – When will I ever learn? HUH??

  1. Hey Darryl – to tell you the truth (don’t get mad :D) I was laughing at you when I first read it – then it hit me – oh shit..I do the exact same thing! So I printed out your article so that I can get through that – maybe I’ll write a blog post about the same thing and dig into my roots if you don’t mind (I’ll take it from ya even if you mind though – just friendly processing :P)

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