2008/05/19 – Vlogs!!!!!!

[blip.tv ?posts_id=927013&dest=-1]

Right. We did it! An Almighty FIRST P:S-H Video Log is in the books. A pretty interesting process. And it’s so funny how much the compressed version looks. You cannot read the texts at the beginning and end. LOL. The ending is a quote from Emma Goldman, “If voting changed everything, they’d make it illegal!” Okay, I’ll have to come up with something else next time around. 

Okay. That only took over a week to figure out. Big shout out to fellow Desteni-blogger, Talamon for providing the link to Freelogs, 




I’m using the BlipTV site for housing my uploads, and that seems to work out well. 


5 thoughts on “2008/05/19 – Vlogs!!!!!!

  1. good news from ohio!!!! it is great to see you darryl, really great.
    now there is no excuse for anyone of us to refuse vlogging

  2. That’s right, Dulci. Now that everybody can see my ginormous head and crooked smile, I demand more VLOGS from the Desties! But I cannot do this every night. I get home from work too late. But I will try to post 3 days a week. SWEAR!

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