2008/06/23I – Thought Dying In Vegas Was Every Comic’s Nightmare!


George Carlin


I thought a good comic was supposed to have good timing! We needed your common sense and anger and you had to kick off on us! I know I didn’t ever buy your records, but I watched all the HBO specials that I could. So why did you have to d i e on us? Pretty inconsiderate of you what with this shit going down in the world right now. You died in the same town as John Entwhistle, Carole Lombard and Bugsy Malone. Evel Knevel almost died there, but you managed to cross the line of no return. That’s simply not fair. 

Ladies and Germs, I wish to share with you how my high school years were spent listening/watching/reading the comedic genius of the National Lampoon, Mad Magazine, Pryor, Carlin, Cheech & Chong, Albert Brooks and Monty Python. Most of that bunch only lasted for a season – though they all left a legacy that is destined to outlive them. But Carlin seemed to get better as time passed. And when I watched his HBO special, “Life Is Worth Losing,” I was again reminded of the brutal honesty and common sense that made George the paragon he undoubtedly was. 

George knew the awful truth about the human condition when he said in a recent interview that he had lost all faith in America and in humanity. As an eerie affirmation of his seemingly nihilistic perspective, I read today about the violence in Zimbabwe where the violence against the people there defies the meaning of “shocking.” Over this past weekend, a six year old girl thrown into a fire to burn alive, her mother having both her hands chopped off and thrown in the same fire her daughter was dying in, all because some fucking asshole with a gun wants to be “boss.” 

This is what the human condition has become, or, has it always been this way; a child thrown into a fire. George knew the heart of darkness that is the true nature of man. His comedy was always based on the truth, and since humans are fundamentally dishonest beings, this strikes us as hilariously funny stuff! 

Har de har, har.


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