2008/06/29 – Desteni Year Pt.2




What I encountered in the Desteni material was like finding gold in the bottom of your sock drawer. I had to put the shields up, however, because even though I can be horribly, unyieldingly cynical, I can also be incredibly gullible and naive. I had already decided that I was heading out the door in Hotel New Age, and wasn’t about to be taken for a ride by some smooth, albeit very clever and skillful writing. 

I read the FAQ first, and it knocked me out. In those few paragraphs I was presented with more meaningful and insightful descriptions of the workings of the physical plain than I ever got from twenty-five tears f chasing down profound writings of the Super-Spirits! I then read the articles by, among others, “Osho,” “Jesus,” and “Hitler.” HITLER? What the fuck is this shit? I passed on it, already drifting towards slamming the door shut on another ridiculous channeling site. 

I decided to enter the message board. I love message boards. But maybe I love them too much. Anyways, there were only a few posters asking questions about the veracity of the “interdimensional portal.” Osho and Hitler even took turns leaving answers to the enquiring posters! Wow, I never saw “Tobias” or “Seth” do this ever! 

I even asked a few questions and was again dismayed by some of the peace and love tossed around. LOL, I even flamed Winged for saying something I considered “fluffy,” never realizing that this was the portal!

Long story cut a little shorter. 

I decided that these people were for real, yo. I tried to get my girl involved in this, but she really resisted, calling me “brain-washed” instead. She later relented and began participating on the forum, although suspicious of it all. 

Bernard began to participate more in the forum and a bit later announced they would be adding video clips of the recently departed, on youtube. Winged was very excited after she took up my suggestion in  bringing Peter Tosh in for a visit. It was simply an amazing clip – Peter describing how he could see in the demons in people. I decided to check out the Hitler Book again, and read it all the way through. I had put it off because of the haughty, satisfied tone, but the mod told me to give it a chance. I did.

It was an amazing read!

To be continued.


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