2008/07/03 – My Desteni Year Pt. 3

By the time the summer ended, my relationship with Denise ended as well. I won’t go into the details because I can’t really remembered what happened and when between us. Today, what went down between us is a sidebar. A fading memory, really. Sometimes a twinge, systems dropping out, hopefully. 


We have learned much about the nature of systems, and how these things drive our very thoughts, actions, emotions, feeling – heck, not only drive them, they are these things! On the message board there were some fantastic system-demon interviews of some of the message board members. My system demon interview was epic! This demon spoke of what I was like, my fears, my reactions and inclination  to “save” women,  and so forth, all presented forcefully, clearly and with uncanny accuracy. Yes, there were also a couple of comments that spooked me, because these were things I told no one. Impressed? You bet!

Interesting comment, Darryl System Demon said that sex is the “major fuck-up in this world.” This comment was the first of many we would encounter concerning the role the sex system has in the enslavement of this world. As the others had their system demons interviewed, it became apparent that the insight and observations of these demons were something to be reckoned with. I showed mine to Denise, who was slightly less impressed, but wanted one done on hers, anyway, out of curiosity, I suppose. While she remained largely unimpressed, she did begin posting on the board more which pleased me at the time,

Once the video clips began appearing on youtube, more inquiring visitors began stopping by the board, along with an increase of jerks, boobs and cranks. And Christians. Don’t know why Christians. But was the most exciting time being on the board for me. The Dimensionals began posting some incredible writing that would seriously challenge any belief system by the sheer depth and vigorous intensity contained within the words. Veno submitted an ever-growing document he titled, “Structural Resonance” which is basically a schematic of systems and how the unified consciousness field interacts with the structural resonance of the human body. All is interconnected. 

I got so excited with the material that I wanted to share it with others. The coolest place I knew at the time that might be interested in this was the now-defunct Noble Reams site. Allegedly, NR was devoted to discussion of metaphysical and conspiracy theories and I was certain that they would love this stuff. You can read more on my abject failure in my blog entry, “Shoot-out At the Noble Realms,” on the second page of this blog. Actually, it wasn’t a “failure” since there’s been over 20,000 views of that thread, haw.

I’ve met many cool and wonderful beings on the board and they’ve become so dear to me, that I would never want to lose touch of them ever. My shipmates.  We support each other, encourage each other, tease, bait, yell and yes, we are not adverse to kicking each other in the ass when needed. We’ve lost more than a few close mates. But that’s going to happen. Carry on.

Outside my window, fireworks are going off in “celebration” of my country’s “Independence Day.” I wonder if those people enjoying the display realize that our beloved country is breaking down. 


To be continued.


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