2008/08/24 – Surprise!!!






Wow. I cannot believe it’s been more than a month since I’ve last posted. I’ve been wanting to write something, but jeez… nothing was coming up. More likely I was suppressing something. Well, maybe something will “step forth” now that I am here. 


Hmmm… well, I suppose I can talk about the latest and final chapter with my dear ex, Denise. Yes, I continued to let her worm herself into my life again, but wouldn’t you know it, she ran away because I wouldn’t support her bullshit. And I know we all cannot wait to hear Denise’s side of the story, but let me just say she went away mad. 

Why do I feel responsible for her welfare? Actually, I don’t feel “responsible.” More like feeling “sorry” for her. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to “feel sorry” for Denise’s situation, and for want to take responsibility for her life. I do understand this was self-dishonesty within myself, because I had already knew we weren’t “meant” for each other. And even when I told her this, I knew she would expect the same old relationship trap. She will never “get it” in this life. Which is sad, because I know she understands what Desteni is about, on some level. But it is like Alice B, said: People in relationships would rather remain in self-dishonesty than to break out of the pattern. They do not want to give up everything they’ve thought and believed themselves to be. 

During my final meeting with Denise, I acted with a zero tolerance of her manipulating, bullshit game playing. I also felt calm in releasing her. Missing Denise will not be a problem for me. She’s in process as everyone else, and like the rest of us, we will all have to face ourselves alone

“All relationships will fall.” This my system demon said to me a year ago. I scarcely understood what he meant, but I get it now.

Oh, boy, do I get it!

7 thoughts on “2008/08/24 – Surprise!!!

  1. You are right on the “money Darryl” gotta love your blog Thanks. It all has to fail to get to truth.

  2. Thanks the the kind words. Been real busy with preparing to move and moderating the Desteni Forum, but things should slow down in a couple of weeks.

  3. Some of the material from DESTENI HAS REALLY HIT HOME and thanks for introducing me to your research.Everything is converging at this point on oneness some of IT seems far out but materialism leads no where. It takes one to know one and I’ve always known I’m here for a reason even though I’ve thought i got dropped off on the wrong planet, I really never believed in noonsphere a planet permanently out to lunch.I thought it was all futile TILL NOW! but of course there has never been other than the eternal forever. AMAZING THE TRICKS OF MIND and The mesmerization.The journey is of mind or spirit or the absolute whatever one calls it not body and its been a hell of a journey.Thanks again fellow space cadet. There is an amazing amount of crap out there but its all coming together right now!

  4. Oh, I get it! I got it a very long time ago and this is why our communication was never there. You were such a piece of work from the moment I met you! You lied, you decieved and you are still stuck in your deceptions. You will possibly get it when a brick building falls on you extremely large head!
    You have so many confused storys to tell…your perception is so flawed and you are horrible at reading people.

  5. oh, I certainly do darryl. I say something and someone may or may not agree; but they sure as hell hear me. I hear another persons concerns etc. Do you have to agree with one another to communicate? NO! But, you have to have the capability to come to a meeting point at some time. It always amazed me that people seem to think that they “agree” immediately on something and this is communication. NOT…

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