2008/09/03 -The Portal Has Closed

From the youtube video posting we read:

Reasons for Portal Closure:
1. To demonstrate that it can be closed in a single moment.
2. To make sure that the focus is the message and not the Portal.
3. To demonstrate that the dimensions and any other forces has no directive influence on the Portal.
4. To ensure that no self definition exist in being or becoming a Portal.
5. To demonstrate that Winged is not defined by being a Portal.
6. To demonstrate that the Desteni Message is not dependent on the Portal.
It is important to understand that the Desteni youtube clips were placed to be an assistance for those involved with the process of becoming self-honest and self- realized thru self-forgiveness and corrective application, and an answer to the unanswerable questions that we’ve been burdened with without relief about the nature of reality.  976 video clips mapping out the nature of reality. There has been nothing even close in terms of the sweep and depth of the messages given on the internet.
Interesting that messages of oneness and equality could generate such hateful, shrill and dismissive responses. Even at the very beginning of these episodes, begun just over a year ago, there was a spiteful tide of ugly and disgusting responses directed at Winged and Desteni for having the nerve to present their views over the internet. Of course, those of us at Desteni involved with the process of birthing the self into life understood that these vile, appalling responses were just the mechanisms of mind systems going off. These doofuses (doofi?) were just being true to their nature.
The accusations, insults, lies and aspersions were unceasing, as the curious confusion on the matter of Winged’s gender, the fascination with her bra size, and just about everything else EXCEPT the message she was delivering. Hardly surprising. People are mostly fucking idiots who don’t possess the common sense Anu gave a fruit fly. Thanks, Anu. Thanks a bunch. Thanks for helping manifest a never-ending, cretinous tide of dumbasses.
Curiouser still, after the announcement that the portal has been closed, many dumbasses – most hailing from the Netherlands for some strange reason – have gone silent, both on the forum and on the youtube channels. Maybe they feel reLIEved. One could only wish. Because the portal closing does not remove fear of the unknown. Bwaa haa haa…
So now that the portal has been closed (how long? maybe forever), we can get down on concentrating on the message that Desteni has been committed to bring to the world. See, just soaking up the information without applying it for real in your life is without value. Now I ain’t perfect, but I have had some ridiculous shit in my life I couldn’t straighten out for myself until I applied the tools Desteni suggested. And that was after many, many falls. I shit thee not. You can apply these things and prove it to yourself if they work or not. That’s why we don’t sweat it when some Holy Joe or Praying Polly tries to tell us how fucked-up we are for not “believing” in some goddamn-happy-asses- Pie-In-The-Sky bullshit that doesn’t make a lick of sense.
When you’ve proven something for yourself that works, you ain’t got no time for beliefs.
So the Portal is Closed. Yet the message and the tools remain.
Let’s see who will stand.

3 thoughts on “2008/09/03 -The Portal Has Closed

  1. You know Ohio? That’s what I’ve been wondering over the last weeks. Many people on the forum have a clear double face. You can perfectly see it through their posts. Am I judging anyone? It’s simply a fact. If one does not want to take this seriously, why to bother on even pretending they are going through?
    I think that the ones that are really on this should start a new stage on our process. Start blogging again might be a good idea in my case.

  2. Sad but understandible the gate keepers of the matrix at work. Anything that might free someone either gets infiltrated or bashed
    to death. Scientology was enveloped by the irs.

  3. Tiger, the reasons given for the portal’s closure are the reasons why it was closed. You possess all the tools to stand up for all as one as life. All there is to it, is to do it.

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