2008/09/17 – Sitting In the Dark

The power has been off in my neighborhood since Sunday afternoon, when the remnants of Hurricane Ike called to say hello to the Ohio Valley. Trees are down everywhere, and the power is slowly coming back on. Normality is slowly returning to those of us who are able to afford an apartment or home, my neighborhood could be without electricity until Sunday. Power is really taken for granted – like so much depends on having your gadgets work.  I didn’t feel all that bad throwing the food out of my dead refrigerator. I’m moving out next week and had to clean it anyway. 

One thing I noticed about sitting alone in the dark is that I really dislike it. I dislike sitting there with nothing to do. When I caught myself experiencing the dark room as something distasteful, I should have done self-forgiveness. Instead, my mind scrambled with thoughts to distract me. And it was only last night that I came to this realization. Amazing how slow I can be at times. 

So, I will do a bunch of self-forgiveness when I get home to my spooky, bible-black apartment. Spooky as it is, it’s still home.

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