2008/09/21- I Feel Crap.

I don’t have anything to say, today. Other than I feel crap. LOL. So, I guess I’ll just post a music clip from one of my favorite artists. Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “2008/09/21- I Feel Crap.

  1. This is what I tell myself and my daughter (both being the same entity). If you really want to be happy, then you will make the desision to be happy. You know how to find happyness? Deside to be happy. You know how to quit smoking? Quit smoking. If you can not quit smoking, then you have not decided to quit. You must make that decisionj final. I am happy. Make that final. STOP feeling like crap and BE HAPPY. I feel like being happy today. I will put on some music that I like (I like TOOL do you?) and I have decided to be happy today. I am happy. I will take a vitamin, drink some herbal tea, meditate, do some tai chi excercise and I am happy. If you want to know the secrete to how to be happy. Just be happy.
    It may seem like a lot a crap but I hope it helps.
    Signed your friend,
    Universal Consciousness of the real you.

  2. But it’s hard to “be happy” when there is so much suffering in the world. Is happiness really just a decision one makes? WHY BE HAPPY when we live in a world where there’s a giant plastic island (google: plastic trash in Pacific Ocean) twice the size of the state of Texas (and growing) out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean? Do you think you’ll be happy when you realize that as a US Citizen, you helped pay for the government that has polluted Iraq with depleted uranium which will cause birth defects and disease for generations on end? Will it make you happy that there are serious karmic implications involved for this country that Life will impose? Can you will yourself to be happy when you understand that there are millions of children in the world with nothing to eat because their parents can’t afford to buy their survival because we have agreed to live this way? Seriously, there’s very little in the world to ‘be happy’ about when such abuse, deceit and suffering has been accepted and allowed.

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