2009/06/04 – Back to Life!

Right. I’m bringing the blog up to date as of today. Many things have happened since I’ve written last, some of them were actually interesting. I have to say that the blog is a failure in one perspective – in that I allowed myself to not keep on top of it and accepted the boredom and perceived judgments about my blogging ability. It’s okay. I just realized that all I have to do is write every day. I mean, it sounds “easy” but I didn’t allow myself to consider it, because “being bored” had more of an influence on me. Self-dishonesty. It’s just so ridiculously absurd how we accept and defend our limitations without even realizing it. It blows my mind that I “went down so easily.” 


I suppose that if I can maintain this blog properly, maybe what I will be saying will have more impact on those unfamiliar with the process of self-honesty. Starting today, I will no longer accept defending and accepting limitations. 





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