2009/06/11 – Heaven in A Bubble

What would you do if you knew that after you died, you’d be in a dimensional bubble with you at its center controlling and charging everything within in it? And further, your “bubble’s” energetic charge would repel all the other bubbles around you , leaving you isolated from all the other bubbles in the dimensions, so that you wouldn’t be able to influence another’s bubble in any way? What if — once inside your bubble, you effectively become “God?” What if you could create beings that talk and think and who’s only reason to exist to keep you company? Oh, and you’d be forced to do this for eternity. How would that make you feel? 

I laugh because if “God” and this world exists, it’s only because “He” needed company! Why would anyone create the Heavens and Universes for any reason other than that? Under those conditions, being “God” is a lot more understandable. Only if it were me, I wouldn’t allow ANY form of child abuse or suffering in my universe. Or Christians, either. Simply because those who suffer in my Creation, suffer in my name,, one and equal with me. Which brings up another point: 


If “God” allows suffering within “His” Creation – equal and one AS “God,” isn’t it because suffering exists within “God,” and within “God’s Heavenly Bubble?” What kind of omniscience is that which allows such insanity? Either “God” is insane or doesn’t exist. And since I haven’t seen the old man up in the sky throwing another  10 Commandments at someone, I’m guessing “He” does not exist.


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