2009/8/8 – Greg Sheehan’s “Healthy Anarchy” Not Healthy nor Anarchy Pt.1

I’m one of those people who has a love/hate affair with the social networking site, facebook. I love how easy one can connect with people and especially how I can run into people there that I haven’t seen in a million years. There’s the crummy and annoying Flower-Growing and “Quiz” apps, but a half-decent Texas Hold Em game makes up for that. And then you have the groups. I belong to several. My favorites is the  “I Love the Fall” group dedicated to my favorite pop band, The Fall. Then there’s the Desteni group and several others that I’ve joined that I have forgotten about and who sends me ubiquitous emails every once in a while, most which I delete without reading.

Well, sink me… I decided to open one of these highly deletable emails on a whim from Greg Sheehan’s Healthy Anarchy group. I don’t remember when I  joined this group, but I have a soft spot for Anarchists and assumed I would be getting some interesting anarchist takes from them when I joined. If I had read their mission statement first, I would have passed up on it.

Here’s a couple of relevant passages of  Greg’s vision of  his “Healthy Anarchy”:
“All along people were looking for a blueprint for how to run society, and all along we were walking around in it, Healthy human body = Healthy Anarchy

God definitly has a sense of humor”

Yeah, he sure does, Greg. His greatest “work” was creating pathological human beings who abuse and wreck everything they touch. Har-de-har-har.

Greg continues:

“The healthy human body appears to function on a system of healthy anarchy. The large systems would seem healthy and ordered like the organs that organise the smaller systems, and the small systems like blood cells would seem disordered yet healthy as things still get done. The orders that tell the small systems what to do don’t come from each other they come from the system as a whole. If all people are healthy and god conscious they would receive their instructions in the same way from consciously aware interpretations from nature and all that is. To envision this you have to see the entirety of life on earth as one organism, that must organise in the same way as a body does, as humans are the brain of this organism they cannot be giving each other orders for the system to function. This is seen in dysfunctional people who’s minds are constantly at war with themselves like the people of our planet at the moment.”

I beg to differ. This account fails because it does not provide a congruent example of how aggregations and  systems work in real time. It’s almost as if Sheehan came up with the term first and then tried to arrange a  meaning to encapsulate it. There can be no “Healthy Anarchism” within a human body, because the body obviously acts in accordance to the law of systems, which connects things (symbols, structure, maths, etc)  into a specific point and thus becomes that point. A stop sign functions within the system of traffic management by virtue of its placement on a street corner and the symbol that determines its functionality. Nothing anarchist about this.

Here is the bold section that needs taken apart from the above: ” If all people are healthy and god conscious they would receive their instructions in the same way from consciously aware interpretations from nature and all that is.”

This is a claim that has no basis of practicality nor fact, and simply undercuts Sheehan’s previous (and correct) take that systems autonomously run on their own. And why would one have to be “god conscious,” anyway? What does that even mean? That one is aware of “God” sitting somewhere in some strange dimension, or even here? It would make no difference because one would still have to suffer and purchase their survival from the System. Now if the System is “God,” being conscious of this is probably good common sense since bowing to the tyrant is such a wonderful life.

Greg then goes on to say: The instructions must come from a common consciousness, god consciousness. This also means being rid of the teacher student situation. The only way this healthy anarchy can evolve is through students learning from students. We are all students, nobody is done learning.  

 Right, or as Bernard would say, “There are only students that want to be teachers.” However, god consciousness is superfluous since the System, like a sizeless, titanic Casino, operates under its own authority. The question to ask is whether the System is an extension of Humanity, or is Humanity an extension of the System. The latter is  is a fair point because we all have abdicated our responsibility to the System and now serve it our entire lives. So ask yourself, when you did  relinquish your autonomy to the System, did you realize that you accepted your slavery to it? Did you still erroneously believe you still possessed “Free Will?”

As above so below. God made man in his image.
Gods image would be a whole planet if you take this from the old meaning of it, so instead of being created in the image of god himself, we were created in a smaller version of the image he saw looking at earth, each of us a smaller version of earth, like in the examples above. Although we are also made of the same energy that everything/God is so it could mean both.

CandyLand Metaphysical nonsense that has been floating within the minds of the Spiritualists for the past 200 years. It was beautifully absurd then as it is now. When we think of “God” why must we always assume that “It” is so much greater than us?

How great can “God” be if all “He” can create is the stuff from “His” own being? Has Sheehan (and the opinions of the  “mystics” he has  followed and assumed to be correct in their perspective) ever considered that to be a “God” is the most LIMITED being that one can imagine? Place yourself in “God’s” place, and look at it from this angle:

All “you” can create is contingent upon “your” attention and “your” beingness. Everything “you” create is just versions of “yourself.” The beings “you” created out of “yourself'” are “you.” They are all countless versions of “yourself” and “you” know it, since “you” created everything out of loneliness, anyway.

Which begs an interesting question, “God.” Why would “you” create divisions, separations and war within “yourself?” [1] What kind of  pleasure or fascination could “you” glean from such a “game?” Why would “you” dishonor all “life” – that which “you” created yourself out of? Maybe “you” are just as insane as we are, for we act within insanity all the time. “As Above, So Below,” indeed.

Sheehan: Care needs to be taken to promote health before anarchy, as the last thing we want is unhelathy anarchy, or unhelathy anything.

 I reckon something has to be the last thing we want, like an unhealthy nuclear war.

There has been an exchange between Greg and myself on his facebook wall that will be placed in the next blog. Should be a little interesting, I hope.

[1] The Christian conception of “God” creating existence separately from “nothing” (ex nihilo) is the beginning of CandyLand Metaphysics because it conveniently removes “God” from participating directly in “His” Creation and deflects worrisome questions as to “God’s” relationship to the existence of Evil.


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