2009/09/02 – Process: Self-Honesty Breathing Support

Thanks to Bella for showing me that I do ‘get it’ sometimes.

Self-Honesty, breath and the principle of equal and one. These link up together to form practical self-support. 

Within each breath is the opportunity of living the point of self-honesty. 
Self-honesty within every breath connects us to all of life that is here. 
This point becomes self-apparent when reached. The technique is simple. 

Breathe in: self-honesty. 
Breathe out: letting go of all attachments. 

Standing within the self-honest breath you are equal and one with all. 
There is no fear, anxiety, doubt. 
You are just here; life spread out upon the canvas of the Universe. 

Breathe in. Breathe out. No thoughts are present to drown you. 
Breathe in: self-honesty. 
Breathe out: self-forgiveness and the release of all attachments. 

I breathe. I am here. I realize that my self is multidimensional. 
I realize that I am my self existing as this chair I sit in, this desk I write upon. 
The carpet that feels comfortable and scratchy against my toes. 
The walls that make up this room. The books that rest upon the shelf. 
The crickets and the grass that surrounds them as they sing in the night. 
One and equal with the dogs that lay on the floor behind my chair. 

Breathe in self-honesty. Breathe out self-forgiveness. Self-realization. 

I exist, therefore I am here. 
Here one and equal with life. Self-honest in this moment. In this breath. 
Purified from all attachments. 
Purified from all fear. 
Purified from from all doubt. 
An eternal expression standing equal and one with all. 

Breathe in: self-directiveness. 
Breathe out: self-trust. 
It is the addiction of thought that derails me from being here. 
Thought no longer crowds me. 
I self-will myself to remain here in silence. Unmoved. 
I Breathe in. Hold. Breathe out. Express. 
I Breathe in. Hold. Breathe out. Express. 
And I am here as my own self-expression.


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