2009/09/09 – The Design of the New Age (Part 3) Abraham’s Teachings in Brief…

Some of Abraham’s Teachings In brief.

Responses supplied by Andrea Rossouw.

*The physical is the extension of the non-physical.

To make this statement without taking into consideration that we are in a physical reality and suffering and abuse happens within the physical, means that we have to stop and look at what points: physical or non-physical require to be taken into consideration for all abuse to stop. To take on the non-physical only from within gaining riches or a few experiencing good fortune’ – indicates our deliberate dishonesty because we refuse to look at the physical or non physical points responsible for suffering, but conveniently only divulge the points, that will make a few rich. Why is this research into the ‘non physical’ which apparently only a few like the people mentioned above are able to do – not taken to the extreme by these ‘;chosen few’ to find out how to stop poverty, abuse, lack of? Why do the people who have the ‘insight’ into the non physical not research practical solutions that will stop all poverty, abuse, lack. Why do they deliberately justify accessing of the non physical as being a secret, that only the people who are able to walk into book shops and buy the books – are able to harness?

The only reason why there are secretive, selective points required to be understood for people to manifest money is because the people who have made it a secret want vast amounts of money from selling the products. The secret should be called: deliberate spitefulness towards people who don’t have the means to pay for this information.

If you use the excuse: ‘but I only have access to enough information to assist some people, through specific applications within the non-physical – then I would suggest look again at the words: the secret. You don’t divulge the information you do have equally for all – in the best interest of all, but take what you get to make your life ultimately comfortable. If your excuse is that you don’t question the source that provides you with your insight into the physical/non physical, then I would suggest start asking yourself, are you willing to be the pawn that plays the part in the law of attraction, even though you see within common sense, that the law of attraction means that a few get to follow laws to attract good fortune, while those who don’t have the information pertaining to these laws – get left out. This indicates that you are a conduit to a universal game being played, where a law dictates who lives comfortably while this same law will withhold the same equal opportunity to those who visibly suffer immensely within the physical reality. If the key therefore to this law is being made accessible to you by some universal structure/design, then why does the universal structure/design require it to be a secret?

*The basis of life is Freedom, the purpose of your life is Joy.

If freedom exists then first of all the person carrying this message would use their freedom whether it is a non physical or physical application/law to assert for example oneness and equality and equal opportunity for all – surely.

If all people were free to choose life, then why would they choose abuse and suffering – this makes no sense. I have not met many humans who desire abuse. Most if not all humans would like to choose a life in which they don’t have to suffer or experience misfortune.

To make the statement: ‘the basis of life is freedom’ is not taking into consideration the actual laws that govern this world. It does not take into consideration that the basis of such a statement is still supporting laws that govern the experiences of beings. This statement indicates in its nature that people are free to choose life, yet somehow they don’t, but it must surely then be because they don’t know any better. Let’s say 99% of the people on this planet don’t know how to choose life, then it must mean that it again falls under some law that requires of the being to act or understand in a certain way: most people wish they had better lives and think thoughts all day about how they could improve their lives – yet nothing changes. So what you are implying is that there is a secret law to accessing this application of freedom and life. In common sense this shows that this law is not based in ‘freedom’ as nobody knows what the law is and those who hold the key such as the people who present the ‘law of attraction’ are deliberately not doing everything in their power to assist all to realise their freedom to ‘live.’

That you apparently have the key to them experiencing their freedom to choose life and this point belonging to you: This is not freedom – but enslavement to a belief, which in common sense manifests as the enslavement to a hand full of people who are ‘the key’ to people realising themselves as life. Why do we say this information belongs to you? Well the information you present is not basic common sense, is not basic self honesty and therefore in its non-physical, non apparent nature, requires you as the messenger to present the information unconditionally. If this unconditionality becomes conditionality, then it tacitly implies that the information and the people presenting it is deceptive in nature. If the application and understanding of information, that will allow all to realise themselves as life, is based on what it is now where the people who present the information becoming filthy rich, the people who buy the material becoming somewhat profiting – and the rest of the world drowning in misfortune – then the deception behind the law of attraction is clear –it is not here to serve all – but is a game played by humans who like to justify the existence of rich/poor, lucky/unlucky, fortunate/unfortunate.

This again indicates that the people who have to wait for you to educate them are not free until you as their master, appears on their television and gives them the steps to realizing actual freedom. Instead of the information being accessible to all, you write books about it and charge money and the cycle continues. Some experience good fortune, some don’t and in people striving to get it by religiously following and buying the information – you have now made a very lucrative business out of it.

Years after the law of attraction design has been introduced and marketed, we still see a huge gap between those who buy the material and end up benefiting – and those who buy the material but still don’t ‘quite’ get it. The solutions: write more books, which cost more money, as if this secret comes in so many layers, depending on how selectively the information is shared. So the solution would be to stop the master slave agreement by making the information accessible in terms that people are able to read and understand and practically apply, then equally measuring the outcome to truly be: what is best for all – thus proving that they were in fact free to live and that in them wishing for it – you as the law of attraction spokes people, made it so, because in their freedom – they chose it so!

I mean surely if you see that people want to embrace this freedom to experience life and you hold the key, but only make it accessible to a few, then you are deliberately playing god within spitefulness.

If you then assist all to apply the methods of choosing within their freedom to accept themselves as life, and this does not stand the test of time in practical application as the solution – then you must be willing to challenge your methods and reconsider them – and whether they really are what is best for all.

*You create your reality with your thoughts

What this actually implies (without you taking into consideration) – is that our current reality is being created by our thoughts and that what reality is really manifesting as our thoughts is the abuse of ourselves. So in accordance with this beautifully structured admittance to self being responsible for all that is here – yes our thoughts do co-create reality as it is, but if you actually look at what is being created through self interest you will see there is nothing grand about it. Thus the realization through common sense and self honesty that our thoughts create reality, brings us to the point of having to look at what are our thoughts that create this reality? If it was as simple as: we create wonderful outcomes with wonderful thoughts then surely this world would be wonderful. If it was as simple as: rape, war, murder will stop if we all think wonderful thoughts, then surely with all humans thoughts based in ‘prosperity’ – we should by now have started seeing a turn in the destructive events, that is crippling man, further and further into a state of oneness and equality with what we accept and allow ourselves to be.

This indicates that what is really manifesting reality as the collective (unconscious mind) thoughts of people is not the pretty, wishful, hopeful day-to-day thoughts we have been trained to believe, but rather the underlying, non apparent, symbolic thoughts linked to programs designed and resonating for one things: our survival in the system. What does the ‘Law of Attraction’ and ‘The Secret’ gives validation to: our survival within the system based on hope and desire, with poor/rich, fortune/misfortune being our motivation.

*Anything that you can imagine is yours to have.

By tacit implication, we all in self-honest know that for each person to get what they want, within this current system somebody else has to pay the price. Again the same person who makes the above statement will watch a documentary about slave labor, poverty and animal abuse and ‘feel’ really bad about what happens to these beings – yet not take into consideration that the current money system functions in accordance with producing to the vast needs of people while exploiting people and animals who have no other ‘choice’ but to work and function in abusive situations.

The tacit agreement behind: ‘Anything that you can imagine is yours to have’: is that a world system has to be functional, as designed by us – for us to ‘have.’ What we ‘want’ is not imported from Mars; it comes from this planet and is produced by people on this planet, using resources from this planet. At Desteni we don’t disregard that there are polarities and laws at play, according to which the system functions, what we do share is that humans accept and manipulate these polarities and laws, which were created from the starting point of control and separation as the mind (want, need, desire) – to further prosper as the mind through participating in the current money system.

*All is well. It really is!

This statement actually requires no further discussion, because in self honesty and common sense, we are able to see that to justify what we have accepted the situation in this world to be, through means of: all is as it should be for each person, therefore all is well: is the words used by people who are deliberately not seeing the consequences, because they found a way to make money and to feel good about the abuse that we allow.

*The more intense your positive feelings, the faster what you want comes to you.

Again I would suggest taking this into practical application and test whether focusing on stopping all abuse in the world, will manifest by following this polarity technique. If it does not then I suggest look at what it is that you stand for – does your technique only serve your self-interest which in common sense we are able to see co-creates the abuse that is here now, as the current money system – or do you see and realise that playing this polarity game of ‘some get while others don’t’ – is the direct cause of the abuse we accept and allow.

*”By deliberately directing your attention and thoughts toward the outcome that you desire, you can be or do or have anything that you choose.”

Through our research at Desteni into the Mind Consciousness System and the unified field – we have found that our lives are pre-programmed in nature. That is why some people experience luck or fortune, while others despite their desire and thoughts based on attracting a better outcome for their lives –still experience misfortune.

This explains why some people who work with positive thought get the outcome they desire, even if just in a few areas of their life, whereas others may focus as they like, and think about better lives, but it just doesn’t work. The majority of the human experience is based on you win some/lose some and throughout our lives we have come to deal with misfortune as it comes our way. This programming of the human experience was placed specifically so that each person plays a role in the current world systems. The world systems are based in and designed around its own survival and each human is designed as as specific personality program to function in a specific way within the functionality of the system.

From there your life experience is pre-programmed into the unified field. You are born into a time line and according to that will be moved through events, experiences, desires as you perceive them – along geometrical lines – and this is our experience within: ‘time and space.’ Therefore your life is not you making decisions, but you moving along time and space and when you meet a point within your pre-programmed placement where you are supposed to act, feel, think, move, react, decide – then you have your mind consciousness system step in and tell you as your mind what to do, think etc. From there your experience becomes part of the greater experience and collectively all human experiences play out to support the system as it is it. Each human might experience themselves as having a slightly different experience to the next one – but if you look at it in common sense – you will notice that we all experience variations of the same thing – and in the end the system as it is functions optimally because we are the system.

So thinking positive thoughts to attempt to change your life to a ‘better’ experience is relative to what each one of us was programmed to experience – that is why I say again – many people if not all people most of the time focus on creating or attracting ‘positive’ experiences – but it is only on random occasions that we actually ‘get what we want.’

This system of polarity creates the desire within each person to experience only the positive and within the laws of polarity, the opposite polarity is required for or the positive to exist. Thus chasing after polarities – when your programming is actually running in the background’ – actually determining your experience – is how this world functions within polarity balancing itself out – and those who:  ‘deliberately directing your attention and thoughts toward the outcome that you desire’ are creating the ultimate polarity that for it to play out, has to manifests the deliberate attention on events we don’t want to experience.

*”Whatever is happening to you is a perfect Vibrational Match to the current vibration of your Being.’

I take it people have vibration measuring mechanisms, with which they have taken somebody who has been raped, abused, tortured, starved and measured ‘the vibration of their being’ and compared it to the measurement of the vibration of ‘what happened to them.’ To speak about vibrations, would assume you have a means to measuring vibrations, unless of course you are using basic vibrations and energetic given off by the mind during events – and with that creating an assumption that the people who have certain vibrations at the time of an event – is having it happen to them because the vibrations are the same.

So let us say you are able to measure that the vibrations of what is happening to a person matches the vibration of their ‘being’: this would indicate that we have a much larger problem on our hands than what your law of attraction books will be able to address. This means that the vibration of the ‘being’ of for example child being abused, animal being abused, woman being raped, victims of war, victims of exploitation and starvation, etc is directly responsible for that beings misfortune – without them even being aware that their vibration is that of abuse. This implies that innocent people and animals that are abused because their being is vibrated as abuse, don’t actually stand a chance in this world because how else do they stop the abuse – other than some means to getting access to and clearing their beingness.

The solution would have to be simple common sense in practicality or else it is not self honesty. If the solution is not one and equal to each person’s self honest, self realization, within them standing as self responsibility – and instead the point belongs in a book, only accessible to those with the means to buy these books – then that again is clearly a system designed by people who have access to the system information that is designed to control people. Otherwise if the information is for the being to access and use within common sense terms such as SELF-FORGIVENESS – then clearly it is just another system designed by people who will exploit this evasive information, dependent on rules and specific applications.

So, we are not equal and one in our understanding of ‘vibrations.’ It implies mysticism and control, expecting people to believe and follow vibrations, instead of living here in the breath, in oneness and equality, in self honest, self responsibility. How are we able to support ourselves if we pay attention to theories that support the unseen, whereby it enslaves us again to hope? Self support has to be placed within self responsibility and at Desteni we have found that self-forgiveness stops the unseen systematic designs because it brings the person one and equal to the information and allows the person to forgive the allowances of control through system designs, which were programmed into us to stand in on our behalf as the directive principle.

Therefore instead of finding ways to control or direct vibrations which are systematic in nature as it implies mind consciousness designs, acting on our behalf to keep us functioning as mind systems – we work with directing self here within awareness as the breath. Through this we bring self here, instead of supporting ‘hidden’ mind systems.

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