2009/11/22 – Video Response to BlissWeaver Pt. 1

Desteni Productions

Video Response to BlissWeaver

Part 1

November 18, 2009

Hi, I’m Darryl with Desteni Productions, and I am here to make a video response to Cari’s “BlissWeaver” video response about something I said about the 2012 End-Time Prophecy being 200 years too soon. Okay? This is not an attack video, Cari. This is not going to be laden with insults or anything that would diminish you. This is just something that will be a cool exercise for both of us to see if we can use our common sense and come to some sort of agreement, even if it’s just on one point.

Right. This clip will be divided into two sections. First section will be talking about how people take metaphysical doctrines, notions, teachings, messages, and make them real for themselves even though they don’t have proof or evidence that [what] they’re saying is actually true. Part 2: Self-Honesty. What is the magical thing about self-honesty? What is the common sense thing about self-honesty? What is the good of self-honesty? We’ll talk about that, too.

All right, Point 1. Metaphysics is Deception. All of it. None of it’s been true. None of it has been proven true. None of it has any application to making this world a better place. It’s actually made things worse. Take the Inquisition, Slave Trading; all of these things were connected to religion, right? That’s a metaphysic.

The thing we abhor about metaphysics is that people, who subscribe to them, will make truth-claims and insist that those truth-claims, which are only “opinions,” that’s all they are, but these “opinions” take the place and stand as the “truth.” Nothing could be further from the Truth. It’s just an opinion, an opinion that has no evidence [of being true]. The same thing as a belief. A belief is just something “you would like to be true.”

Right, so we don’t have Desteni as an information source – we don’t want you to believe anything we say. We want you to study it, with an “open mind.” Just study it without an axe to grind. Read it, breathe, you know, and see what it says. I suggest that you do that instead of wanting to defend a point. If you go to the material with baggage that is your accumulated beliefs, opinions and assessments, and you go into our material wanting to defend that, it’s not going to work. You’ll just have to let that go for a moment. Suspend your beliefs, suspend your assessments, suspend your perspectives for the amount of time you’re going to use to look at our information THEN see if it will make sense or not, alright? That’s all we ask. Please.

So, a lot of these beliefs about 2012 – they wouldn’t exist unless somebody spread those beliefs around in the first place. The same with “God.” If “God”… if nobody told you that “God” existed, what I am saying is “you” as everybody, there would be no… there is no innate human functionality that says, “A “God” exists.” I mean, that’s all learned behavior, all right? So 2012 was learned behavior, and truth-claims, such as “density is lessening” – on it’s face – sounds a little fabulous, sounds a little fantastic. As far as I know, there is no machine that can measure the density of the physical plane, world. And I would be really interested in seeing any scientific data that suggests that we are getting less “dense.” Don’t think that’s happenin.’ I think that’s a truth-claim, unless you have some sort of evidence that backs that up.

“Reality is potential shaped by intent.” That’s something that you said, Cari. I would be careful presenting things like this that you can’t prove. You cannot prove that “reality is potential shaped by intent.” You’re a very interesting woman. You’re very intelligent. I thought that was a very interesting phrase, so I googled and [what] came up were several websites that are devoted to ascensions, 2012 and the 2012 Mayan End Date Prophecy, and some of the things you said in that clip directed towards me were in that… on those websites. I’m not saying that you lifted it from them from those sites specifically, but that’s not your own perspective that you’ve found out for yourself. That really sounds like something you agree with, and you would like to present that as truth. That’s not truth, that’s a belief. It may not be a belief – it’s just a statement, okay? That’s the difference between what Desteni stands for and what these metaphysical notions of “Masters,” and “Higher Consciousness” stands for. These things

you cannot apply in everyday life. And to take it one step further, which will segue into the self-honesty point, what would be self-honest thing for you to say there when you said, “Reality is potential shaped by intent?” It would be, “This is something that I’ve heard: “I have heard that reality is potential shaped by intent,” instead of just saying it as if this idea came out of your own mouth, out of your own perspective. You ask, “What good is self-honesty?”

What is the most important thing in this reality that we find ourselves in. It’s not to figure out what reality is, it’s to figure out who we really are. Yeah, how can we be – how can we know who we are, if we’re dishonest in everything that we do? I mean, this culture, this world rewards dishonesty that rewards scheming and backhandedness and spitefulness, actually. So when you look at your life – and we’re the same age, about – and you’ve lived the life as we have, you can see where you’ve stabbed somebody in the back, or told a lie, or gained something at somebody’s – other’s expense – that’s not… I mean, to let that go, to not address it, to not address who you really are, and not to see who you are, and what kind of person you are in that – I’m not saying you’re a bad person – I’m just throwing that out there, as we all are the same, more or less, I mean, we all have secrets, desires, envies, vendettas and just petty grievances – and we act on those. And we do like it when we get by.

All I am saying is, you need to know who you are, and you can’t do that by subscribing to an event at a certain point in Earth’s existence, you know [or] evolution. You can’t like, find out who you are through somebody else’s interpretation of reality. You cannot find who you are through somebody else’s opinion. You can’t find out who you are with laying opinions about things you don’t know anything about. You only way you can know who you are is through self-honesty. To me, that’s very radical and very simple, and something – maybe it’s the only thing, that you can prove to yourself – the truth of who you are; which is what you will be at any moment, whether it’s a dishonest person or a self-honest person. And I’m not saying that I’m a self-honest person. That’s a process that takes every second of your life and we probably will never be totally self-honest, but hey, let’s just go ahead and try. All right. I mean we… I think we can agree on that. I think we can agree that the best way for somebody to find out who they are is to be honest about it.

All right, I think that’s all I wanna talk about right now. If I’ve got anything else, I’ll share.


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