2010/06/17 – Free your mind?

“Freeing the mind” implies there are controls locking it into a specific mode of observation. That’s why science and philosophy exist. To me it seems like using the mind to free itself is the wrong approach. Maybe we first have to realize our baseline for honesty. I mean, we often act in ways that puzzle us. “Why did I do that?” “How could I have let this happen?” Because we are such mysteries to ourselves.
That mystery can be solved. We can take down the blinds and the walls and structures of self-deception by becoming radically honest with ourselves. It’s hard for me because I’m really embarrassed by the things I’ve done and have to make amends somehow. But the radical honesty means the old ways of hiding self beneath the false fronts and secret thoughts that cloud our being. It’s dangerous because people have made it a virtue to deceive each other, and so a lot of people are going to be pissed off at someone who speaks the truth. But, isn’t always that way?


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