2010/06/30 – Is Equality for All “Fascism?”

This is a response to a private message I received by someone who was pissed off because comments were deleted on a youtube video by DesteniProductions:

Look, I wanna ask you to calm down for a second, breathe and try to expand your frame of reference for one moment.

Leaving the personal stuff aside (for one moment) I ask you to hear me out.

Okay, I don’t know what you posted on that ‘cheesy missing children’s video,’ but you have to understand how important the children are in this world. We have all been robbed of our innocence as children just through socialization and media brainwashing, let alone the intentional, vicious and murderous of beings that cannot defend themselves nor have the ‘free will’ or a ‘free voice’ to defend themselves. Are ‘you’ speaking for them? Are you aware of the immense suffering they go through every day just so others can enjoy their lives? Do you have any idea how connected and responsible we all are in this crime against humanity?

I suggest you take a step back, consider the possibility that everything you know might be wrong and that you could gain something more by expanding your frame of reference, which will allow you to consider more sides and perspectives of the problems we face in this world and within ourselves. We say that nobody is free until ALL are free. And we’re working towards the freedom of all. If it looks like ‘fascism,’ understand that you are surrounded by fascism everyday of your life. It comes in various colors and disguised as ‘individualism’ and ‘freedom of choice,’ when it’s really the fuzzy logic of ‘yes/no’ limited, programmed, socialized and predictable patterns of behavior. Don’t confuse standing as a single principle of what is best for all with ‘fascism.’ Dong so means you haven’t yet seen the deception of so-called “freedom” being just a name scratched onto your ball and chain.

If you have any questions, hit me up.



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