2010/08/21 – A Monograph in Defense of Equality Part 3

Equality or Liberty?

Opponents of Equality will defend their position that although they accept the existence of a common bond brotherhood between human beings that reveals similarities, it is the differences between any two people which makes the principle of Equality too weak a premise to build a society upon. While the opponents of Equality will regard it as a quaint though impractical notion, they will pay lip service to the concept and place it alongside other universal notions such as Justice, Liberty and Free Will to be formed as part of a “moral” and “ethical” framework. This is how the author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson can be given credit for the lofty philosophical statement of “All Men Are Created Equal,” while escaping criticism for being a typical elitist slaveholding colonialist. We realize now, despite the best efforts of public school miseducation, that the elite colonialists actually meant that, “All White Male Landowners Were Created Equal,” and everybody else existed only to serve their wishes.

It is no wonder why the elites would disparage and ridicule an egalitarian-based society. They may be pathological in their bloody single-mindedness within their domination of others, but they are not crazy!

They realized quite early that any talk of Equality would be controlled and used rhetorically and emotionally to channel responses of public opinion of the presentation of these lofty ideas while cynically having them accept their own program of institutionalized inequality. Economic Equality was never considered as it was incompatible with the generation of great wealth by the elite, which had the outcome of  creating a necessary division between the elites and the lower classes while using the middle class as a buffer as protection against the poor. [1] Equality is incompatible to the “wheeling – dealing” style of Capitalism. Equality is incompatible with the use of Free Will. Equality is incompatible with ideas of “Freedom.” Thus it has been given a lower status as a Universal Principle within the Social Contract by those who control and manage the flow of ideas.

Although the corporatism of Late Capitalism allows for “pulling oneself up by the bootstrap” Horatio Alger mythology on a piddling scale, the fact that once locked out, the disenfranchised most likely will be trapped within their poverty permanently. There is simply “not enough” money to go around to assist them. Besides, Capitalism needs a certain amount of people to be locked out of the system for it to remain functional.

Forget about money for a moment… there is also not enough “Liberty” to go around, as well. And here we come to the great divide between Equality and Liberty. “Give me liberty, or give me death,” was the famous Revolutionary War slogan attributed to the patriot Patrick Henry that supposedly encapsulates the American declaration of liberty. Liberty is more valued than any other Universal in America, and it is a handy measurement for establishing the limits and irrelevancy of Equality.

It has long been massaged into the brainpans of Americans that without Liberty, one is always subject to the leash around the neck that inhibits and restricts human action. The application of “Liberty” alleges that one has the “right” to be free from restrictions imposed by any lawful or unlawful order. It is important for the Capitalists that this “Liberty” be given Top Billing in society, because one can’t turn a profit without having the liberty to do so. You can’t make money polluting the air and the soil without having the liberty to do so. You cannot establish sweatshops in impoverished Third World countries without having the liberty to do so. This All-Important Liberty is too precious to be overturned by Equality.

However, once Equality is given priority over Liberty (which, in all truth, doesn’t really exist due to the limits imposed on free choice of the individual through the agreed-upon laws and regulation of society), none of the above “liberties” to devise methodologies of economic enslavement would be allowed. And here Equal Money economics is to be considered preferable to the current special – interest economic system that only exists to provide the most wealth for the fewest people. This condition of privilege for the few would be transformed into granting the same privilege for all.

Yes, it is true that the legal enforcement of Equality curtails and places limits on individual liberties, but mostly those that would rob and exploit others. To appeal to “Freedom of Choice” in allowing one to do as he wishes will do no good, for Free Will cannot truly exist if the Free Wills of others are overridden by the clever and devious beings who’s actions would cause their exploitation. That Equality must override Liberty to ensure the equal treatment of all beings should not cause one to doubt Equality’s validity or make it less worthy in our eyes. We maintain that it is through cooperation, and not through competition, that shall make Mankind achieve that which has always eluded us; a peaceful, harmonious world built on the Principle of Trust and Honor, where everyone is considered a friend and not an opponent to be defeated in vainglorious battle. Every man, woman and child can indeed be given the equal opportunity to become their fullest expression, but only if we remove specious and deceptive cries for the primacy of Liberty, used by those as a dazzling, white cloak concealing their true, deceptive and self-interested purposes at the expense of others.

[1] This idea (and other methods employed by the American elite to use the middle class for its own purposes) is discussed several times in Howard Zinn’s extraordinary work, A People’s History of the United States, Perennial (HarperCollins), 2001.

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