2010/10/04 – The Sanchez-Stewart Infotainment War

Sorry, "Rick" Sanchez, but you look as much as a white guy as Jon Stewart

Those like me who disdain daily television probably have heard of this story through the internet. It seems that on the same day that former CNN news anchor Rick Sanchez lost his anchor spot, he thought it was a good idea to go on a satellite radio show and complain about it, essentially blasting his employers for replacing his juicy prime time 8pm show. He also claimed that CNN passed him over because he was a Cuban-American. Oh, and that CNN and the media are all run by Jews and that his tormentor, the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart is a “bigot.”[1] That he was immediately fired after calling out his employers seems to confirm his point, what does this say about the media? And is it anything we haven’t heard before?

No. Nothing new here.

Apparently, the years of merciless needling by Jon Stewart caused Sanchez’s head to explode, and even if one agrees with his characterization of the media (run by Jews), and even knowing the industry as he does, or should have known (run by Jews), he was asking for trouble by running his big mouth. I have no sympathy for him, because let’s face it; as long as “Ricardo” was a CNN anchor, he was perfectly happy to work for the same “White Liberal Establishment” he castigated the media bosses and Jon Stewart  of being a part of. You can’t be the house negro and then play the race card (“it’s because I’m Cuban!“) when your services are no longer required by the slave-owner.

Really, this can’t be seen in any other way as a house negro[2] getting turned out for telling the family secrets. Sanchez’s tremendous ego couldn’t handle getting booted from his anchor chair so he couldn’t wait to tell the world about it. Not too clever.

But I get it. Ricardo has an ego and you must have an ego to achieve as much as he did. He just got mad when he hit the Glass Ceiling. Women and all people of color are gonna hit that. There will be glass ceilings as long as there are white plantation owners, house negroes and field negroes. Capitalism is such a wonderful thing.

The question I have is why wasn’t Ricardo fired before now? He is the same guy that called Obama the “cotton-picking President.” Nice one, Ricardo. Makes your racial victimization trope hard to swallow. Problem is you bit the hand that generously fed you. You were part of their design when they gave you the job and when they took it away. How did you not get that? Oh, that’s right; ego.

But did he have to drag the Jews or Jon Stewart into this? As far as I know, Stewart never made fun of  Sanchez’s ethnic background. You can’t win against a comedian of Stewart’s or Steven Colbert’s calibre. You just laugh and smile and go on with your life. Sanchez simply was too full of himself.

And people, you can hate on the Jews if you want (and there is plenty of that going on). But they figured out an interesting thing a long time ago: if you keep your family and money together, you can do some damage in the world even if existing in extremely small numbers. We should be doing the same, or at least realize that the media’s only job is to distract us with programmed desires for cheap electronics and other irrelevancies to keep us fat and satisfied while someone else moves the cheese and destroy all life on the planet. But who’s going to report that?

You can read the (yawn) “blow-by-blow” account over at Pete Domenick’s blog. [3]


[1] http://mije.org/richardprince/cnn-fires-anchor-rick-sanchez

[2] The house negro is a pejorative term used in describing slavery days in America denoting the slave that worked in the master’s house. The house slave lived and ate better than the field slaves, who lived much rougher on the plantation.

[3] http://standupwithpetedominick.com/blog/cnns-rick-sanchez-jews-like-bigot-jon-stewart-run-cnn-the-networks/


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