2010/10/19 – A Monograph in Defense of Equality Part 14

The Deception of Morality

Historically, there has been many advocates for Equality. They have been shouted down and ignored by the advocates of Liberty, who see Equality as a threat to their  “free will.” Any Group which pushes for Equality will be considered a threat, as well. Such Equality Groups will be seen as pushing for restrictions on personal Liberty or Freedom of others. The Neoliberal,  which descends from the Classical Liberals of the 18th century, are the ones who are perhaps the loudest of the Anti-Equality Groups. They will say that RIGHTS are only invested in Individuals and thus are impossible to exist within the Group. This is a willful misreading of social structures, as there exists “protected groups” in society that require statutes to guarantee equal rights before the law. There’s no way getting around it, Equality has had to be considered in societies at least in some piddling form.

What makes the Neoliberal a fascinating object within the discussion of Equality is that they seem to know that controls and limits exist among the common people, the elite and the government that are harmful and destructive, and they know that the people have been programmed and hoodwinked, yet they want the system to remain largely in place so they can benefit financially. This has been one of the themes in this Monograph: that Neoliberals, elites and their dupes are not interested in “Liberty,” but only money. “Liberty” is just a pretty word to freshen up the whole, sordid affair.

As I said before, Equality in society has had to be considered in some form, at least in modern times by the biggest industrial countries. Humanity has seemed to acknowledge that Equality at least, is a good idea to bandy around, even if it is a bit impractical under the current money system, so it’s not to be seriously sought or enforced. This is because Morality, or the way we believe should be the best way to relate to others, and Equality are very closely linked. Social Equality has to be based on some form of morality to get people to agree and act in safe, predictable patterns. In fact, if Equality cannot exist in moral terms, morality cannot exist at all and society is ripe for self-destruction. Without Equality, Morals, Principles and Values like Liberty and Freedom are then devoid of meaning, or are terms distorted and prostituted to justify immoralities of all kinds, especially self-interest expressed through greed and exploitation.  The word, Morality, comes down to us from the Latin, meaning “proper behavior ” or conduct. Codes of Behavior. For a society to succeed and mature, Morality must consist of specific, enduring and changeless principles which give a proper, common sense meaning. The results have been disastrous, for principles the morals have been erected upon up until the present day, have collapsed into unrecognizable and twisted wreckage of values. Right and Wrong become indistinct. Might becomes equated with Right and Just Cause. Listen: this is what Morality has been reduced to – Might equals Right.

Maybe Morality has been “Might equals Right” all along and we were too stupid, spiteful and selfish to see that. Maybe Morality is just an arbitrary social convention with no real meaning behind it, just as the Sophists claimed in Athens 2,500 years ago. They said that man was the measurement of society which formed into a Group that agreed to come together for mutual benefit. That implies some sort of social equality based on agreement on how we would like to be treated, and what kind of behavior we should expect from others. That’s one of the problems with human beings; we don’t live by a code that considers everyone equally. We want money to buy our survival and if we have to compete and dominate another, well, that’s too bad. They deserve to be enslaved and destroyed because Might Equals Right.

So, in acting this way, it is no surprise that we find ourselves in having accepted and allowed and indeed become, albeit in a perverted, bizarre, self-interested shape: moral.



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