3 thoughts on “2010/10/22 – Deceived by Belief

  1. It never ceases to amaze me how someone who is admittedly clueless on a subject can use their ignorance in an attempt to disprove someone else’s beliefs. You only expose your own self-deception. If you have followed a spiritual path and it failed you, that’s one thing, but to denounce others who have been successful on that path, without even an attempt, says you are speaking strictly from your own cultural bias.

    1. I don’t attempt to “disprove” another’s belief. I only point out that beliefs stand in the place of truth. That’s why it’s called a belief. A believer, by definition, can never know the truth of something, especially metaphysical matters. They can only possess a desire or a want for something to be “true,” or else they carry opinions that are accepted as true. But to your point, how does one know “success” is achieved on the spiritual path? Take the Christian idea that it’s a virtue to believe in things not seen. I would say that’s a sucker’s bet. There is a physical world with physical problems and going off in one’s mind chasing after the invisible, irrelevant Pot O’ Gold in some Mental FairyLand doesn’t do a goddamn thing for the rest of us. Oh, the spiritual acolyte may feel wonderful, but self-interest, even if “enlightened” is still self-interest. And taking into consideration the state of the world, you and the spiritual seekers like you, will never escape. See if you can see.

    2. Oh, and another thing, I don’t have any respect for anonymous individualism. If you can’t address me under your own name, I can’t take anything you say seriously.

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