2010/11/03 – A Monograph in Defense of Equality Part 15

Žižek: Equality as the Evil of Spiritual Sacrifice? 

In this monograph we have seen the critics of Equality wail unceasingly over their mistaken impression that Equality is not congruent with Liberty. They have not understood the nuances or the specificity of the word, “Liberty.” They see Equality as a distant runner-up to grand principles like “Freedom” or “Liberty.” At the same time, they champion the “exceptional” and the “genius,” and use these figures as proof that the principle of Equality is not meant to have an existence in this world. They clamor and crow about “human potential” and  indomitable human spirit and that Equality is to be considered an “evil.”

It is somewhat amazing to me that Equality can be made into an evil, but such is the Brainwashing that blinds everyone in the world.

It’s not that surprising that the smear upon Equality would come from conservatives and libertarians, but it also comes from the so-called Left, such as the current king of pop philosophy, Slavoj Žižek , who disdains Equality to the point of writing such:

“”Here is why egalitarianism itself should never be accepted at its face value: the notion (and practice) of egalitarian justice, insofar as it is sustained by envy, relies on the inversion of the standard renunciation accomplished to benefit others: ‘I am ready to renounce it, so that others will (also) NOT be able to have it!’ Far from being opposed to the spirit of sacrifice, evil here emerges as the very spirit of sacrifice, ready to ignore one’s own well being–if, through my sacrifice, I can deprive the Other of his enjoyment…” [Italics mine]

Žižek, Violence (Picador, 2008), p. 92

Let’s take this apart.  Žižek claims that justice imposed by Equality is “sustained by envy.” This sounds almost verbatim of Ayn Rand’s Jon Galt when he says,

“They do not want to own your fortune, they want you to lose it; they do not want to succeed, they want you to fail; thhey do not want to live, they want you to die…”

Rand, “Galt’s Speech,” (Signet, 1963)

Returning to Žižek’s forced and absurd definition of Justice as being “sustained by envy,” one has to ask who is Žižek trying to cover for when he attempts to wrangle a definition of Justice we  have never heard before? Who’s water is Žižek carrying? The Elites? Since all common notions of Justice has it firmly based on Morality, in terms of fairness, law, rights and equality. What does Žižek hope to gain by reducing  the concept of Justice to a petty, spiteful human emotion? He has to do so in order to gut the principle of Equality. The Haters use this very same tactic and then try to reshape and misrepresent the point as “wanting everyone to be the same or taking what they have.” That is a half truth. We want everyone to have an equal chance at living a decent life and we want those who have too much to share. Oh, yeah, they won’t be happy about that…

Žižek does give us an insight to the modality of thought these Haters of Life go through in their denial of the principle of Equality. Equality is seen as a spiritual acts of the “evil” of “deprivation of enjoyment.” Enjoyment of what? Presumably, the riches of domination that is the privilege of the Elites. So much for “moral philosophy.”

The people who rail against perceived strictures on Liberty and the damage committed by violations of personal freedom should come on board with the Equal Money program if they want to be true to their beliefs. Over half of the world’s population do not have chance to develop their own personal self-development because they need money to do so, and they don’t have it. Their liberty is invalidated by the anti-democratic, capitalist system. But the Haters dismiss this chink in their ideological armor as, “That’s how things are. Deal with it.” Oh, if only the shoe were on the other foot.

These fools, who have been given a free pass when it comes to confronting their nonsense with common sense, do not realize that they have been brainwashed and duped. Žižek, as the Media Pop Philosopher, is very comfortable comparing Equality to Evil and psychological dysfunction. But does he offer any solution? Does he ever offer solutions?  None that I ever read. And it is clear that such Haters of Equality will never offer solutions. How can can they ever, when they refuse to consider anything but their own asses?


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