2010/11/16 – Bad Money Hell’s ATM

While it may seem like I’m often busy with tilting at your friendly neighborhood Desteni Hater on the internet, I do have a life. This past week was especially tangy. It’s a colossal time loop that I call; Bad Money Hell. It’s been a while since I’ve endured it, years, really. After getting a secure foothold into the system of sustainability, I intended to never experience that again. The last time occurred a couple of years ago after I was fired from a job and for the first time in my life, had a really hard time finding another. Rent was late and my landlord was a jerk. Since I had lived paycheck to paycheck for years, I didn’t have much money to keep the wolf from the door. I was getting a little scared, well, truth be told, I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to pull out of this one.

But I found a job after six weeks of fruitless searching. The rent got paid and soon I was back on my feet. A happy ending.

This past week, I was given quite a shock.  I had looked forward to my first paycheck from my new job for two weeks. Unbeknownst to me, I had a lien filed against me in court. The result was my entire paycheck which was direct deposited by my work was emptied out to zero  before I could get to it by something called the National Bank of Scotland. Scotland for their trouble of punching a few numbers on a keypad took a hefty cut of my money. This was followed by a flurry of long-distance calls and perpetual state of anxiety. The Invisible Hand giveth and the Invisible Hand taketh away.

I developed a sense of fatalism about it. I should have seen it coming, but I had gotten lazy, so it was well-deserved. Working on my fourth week at a job without pay didn’t sit too well with me, but I wasn’t going to get anything if I stopped working, so I sucked it up.

That would have been okay if it were not for another instance of some invisible entity fucking around in my bank account. While I was looking online for a job, I opened up a web page for a “free credit report.” I started to fill it out, but I thought that it might be fishy and deleted the page before finishing. A few days later, I was shocked to see that QVM took 30 bucks from my account for “membership fees!” Oh, which placed my account into my banks lucrative (for them) negative fee zone. I called my bank’s Fraud Squad and they reversed the charge. That was 4 weeks ago. Last week in the midst of my current trip in money hell, my genius bank decided to side with QVM after QVM allegedly showed them evidence of me giving them my account number, which I would swear on a ton of bibles, Bhagavad Gitas, Korans that I did not. I called the Fraud Squad again and asked them to put that money back into my account. The guy on the phone refused, but I wouldn’t let him off the phone, knowing the call was being recorded.

He finally suggested a three-way call to QVM. Oh boy! The rep for QVM was indeed brought into the conversation and she told me that I had indeed given them my bank info to them. “I think I would have remembered typing my card numbers online. I’m not senile.”

“Well, sir, it’s very important that our customers to be completely satisfied with our service, so I will refund your $29.95 to you.”

Great! A victory! I asked my bank when would my 30 bucks that they took out be re-deposited.

“That’s between you and the merchant, sir.” I won’t bore you with the attention-crushing details of this conversation, but I was forced to hand over the money back to the bank again. What the hell? What is going on with me losing this all my money to invisible banking and internet scams???

I kept myself sane by realizing that in an equal money system, this kind of legal predatory behavior would be forbidden. I’m still broke, but I’m walking through it standing up and with support from friends. I understand that I was at fault for the major fuck-up, but man, so much assholery goes on in the name of Justice, doesn’t it?



4 thoughts on “2010/11/16 – Bad Money Hell’s ATM

  1. That indeed sucks Darryl – all these legal troubles and points left ‘flying around’ have to indeed be taken into consideration like being unexpectedly being fined without previous warning – thank anu you’ve got people around you that understand and are able to support you –

    ATM at the moment or Automatic Teller Machine – banks are nothing but bad romance experiences Darryl – this is where the corporation takes the personality of a snotty brat that has dad’s money to make you pay for the slight fault to the system. lol

    So! obviously within the equal money system, banks won’t even exist as such because there won’t be any profit making out of lending money – so, Justice and Laws are a nice couple that get along to protect the interests of the few – regardless of how nice the concepts sound in theory.

    Here’s a nice painting by José Clemente Orozco – the Law and Justice having a cocktail party together

    La ley Y La Justicia

  2. ah cool, finally I am able to comment to your posts :)(You must have a Word Press account for that and lolol I had one but forgot)

    So, by filling in a form but not sending it you are already fucked?! I’ll keep this in mind. Nowadays it is a daytime job to get your money back.

    1. By virtue of claiming your email address is a “legal signature.” I asked the banker whether or not an email address was a valid legal signature.He said, “no.” I did receive an email yesterday from QVM saying that they were going to refund my money within the “next billing cycle or two,” but who knows when that will be?

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