2011/01/14 – The Shame of India’s Child Labor

It is estimated by sources who measure such things, that there between 12  – 50 million child workers in India, the highest number of underage workers in the world.  Children are used in factories,construction, farms and domestic work. While the Indian legislature apparently has laws against child labor, it is seemingly loathe to use them. The children the laws are supposed to protect, still work from sunup to sundown for 20 cents.

In Calcutta, West Bengal Chief Buddhadeb Bhattachayra has said,

“We can’t ask them to stop work because that will affect their families’ source of income.”

What the Minister is asking us to do is look at the practicality of child labor. But this politico is not without heart about the needs of the children being robbed of their childhood.

We have decided to make them study while at work.”

Great  idea. Even though Indian law forbids child labor, this nutjob thinks it’s a “neat idea” to make the children study while at work. I can see little Siddartham, now. Exhausted from undernourishment and toiling all day in the fields picking cotton and then having to sit down on a rock somewhere to study ought to work out superbly.

In an Equal Money system, this perversion of rationality that allows abuse and exploitation of children will be forbidden, and politicians like Bhattachayra will be locked up for treatment of his apparent mental illness.


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