2 thoughts on “2011/01/18 – The Divine Plan?

  1. The first time I read Walsch his first book, being deep into New Age shit, I cried. I did not easily cry, but I felt understood, so it took me a long way to get myself where I’m at now. Although I do not put much value in his book anymore I do use it with muscle communication and replace words like truth with self-honesty, God with Self etc. and test if that’s correct in that particular case. Sometimes I read a bit around a word or phrase that I tested out and now finally I can see where I was duped and occasionally I even have to smile on my face or even laugh about the message this man is so spastically trying to get across. We moved on and it would be nice if Walsch could do the same, but I guess the money is a hard thing to move away from…

  2. I kept reading his book, again and again, and finally decided that there were these hopeful points given that never remained, could not be sustained. It is like is lead no where, which is what is did!
    And one dayI asked , “Where’s the constant?”
    When I read something Bernard wrote, shortly after finding Desteni, that what is presented by the new agers cannot be sustained, I had a “Eureka moment” -as the lingo goes these days.
    If I cannot generate it and remain constant than it is a bunch of BS.
    Funny last night I was thinking about doing my first vlog on this very subject, what lead me to Desteni. Thanks for the support.

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