2011/01/19 – Practical Living Without Money?

From the  “I Thought I Posted This Before” Department:

Specially dedicated to all the knowledge and information knuckleheads who negatively respond to Desteni’s call for Equal Money System with the all – to – common (and silly) remarks of: “No! No equal money for all! We must end money immediately! Money is really bad!”

I get it. I used to subscribe to the Anarchist view that ‘Property is Theft’ and ‘Money is the Root of All Evil’ jazz. I still subscribe to the ‘Property is Theft’ bit actually, because it is a legitimate bitch. Nations were built from the wealth and power of the Landed Elite. They kept and defended their Property from the Landless by getting everybody to agree that “What I have, you must go without. What I own, I deny you use unless it benefits me.” That denial of use is plainly based on limited access to money and ability to pay for that use. We have all agreed to play the game of exclusion, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

Since we have apparently settled upon this way money is to be used – by insisting that it is acceptable human being ‘pay’ another for the right to survive in this world – we should note that this chosen economic modality is the “problem,'” and the cry to end this enslavement  is understandable, but it is also nonsensical.

Even if money is the principle cause of inequality (and it is), those who cry for the end of money have not understood that their perspective is a process, not one definable endpoint. Money, used as a symbol of exchange, in itself is not the problem. Money only exists in endless series of digital decimals that pepper some Central Bank monitor screen somewhere, or as the pretty pieces of paper your plastic card can retrieve from of an ATM machine that your neighborhood bank prints at will. I repeat, the money in and of itself is not the problem. The real problem is that we have decided that access to money will be difficult to attain.

We only have to change the rules of that access point. Pretty simple to do. We just have to agree on it. Money has a way of getting things done.

But for the geniuses who say, “End Money Now,” I’d like to present them with a scenario of what would happen if their demands were somehow met in one day and the use of money has been outlawed.

I can see it now: the New York Times headlines reads: GOT MONEY?

(Wash DC) The Federal Reserve closes it doors forever as the Dollar has been voted out of existence by Congress.. Mr. Obama signed the bill into law shortly after it passed both houses of congress. The controversial Stop Money Now bill sailed though the legislative process under intense pressure of the No Money Now political action committee. NMN spokesman Lyle Gilhooley said, “This is a great moment for the MNM. We placed our petition in front of the people and they responded. Now that we’ve brought an end to this evil institution, we can get on with living our lives that will lead to a better tomorrow!”

Meanwhile, there were plenty of glum faces milling around on Wall Street, as out of work banking and trading professionals we looking for a new reason for living. Arlen Splotnik, a 62-year-old day trader for International Enterprises, complained,”I’m a city boy. I know about market fluctuations and incipient derivatives, but I don’t know anything about growing tomatoes or digging holes to poop in. I don’t have any idea what to do next. Everybody is out of work. There’s no money to ship products or pay for gasoline. What kind of idiot thought that completely getting rid of money would be a good idea?”

MNM Chairman Gilhooley was diplomatic about the problems under the new Federal law against possessing money is causing. “Sure, there will be some growing pains. We never said this would be a walk in the park. The American people understand that this is the way forward. No Money Now is proud to lead the way!” at the other end of the city, people were lining up for free bread and soup, but the local soup kitchens said that they could not buy food because of the prohibition of money.

So, let’s say living without money suddenly becomes a reality. Question. You need to eat. How are you going to get food? There is no money to pay the farmers to grow the vegetables or to slaughter cattle. There is no money to pay for the truckers to transport the nonexistent produce or the supermarket to house the foodstuffs. That means you are going to have to grow your own food. I hope you stocked up on tomatoes and lettuce and beets seeds. And I hope you have enough food squirreled away for the next 4 years, because it might take that long to live off of your garden, what with hail, drought, property damage and stuff. Oh, and if people don’t come by and loot you of your hard-earned fruit of your labors. Oh, don’t bother calling the cops. They all went over to the side of the gun-nuts and the neighborhood warlords and are marauding the suburbs of gasoline, women and vegetable gardens.

Oh, and do you think crap like Electricity and Natural Gas and your cell phone will continue to be provided without you paying for it? We’re back in the Stone Age, baby. You are gonna communicate with your grandma across town by using smoke signals. Your house or apartment will not be lighted nor heated. If you live in frigid climes, you’re gonna be in trouble in the winter. Stay warm!

What else that would make your No-Money Utopia a Hell on Earth? Hmm… No teacher is going to teach your child math because they’ve all left town for the coast and now work for pirates. And now there’s a garbage patch the size of Mt. Rushmore in your backyard and growing larger. Want water and waste disposal? Pray for rain and dig a trench. You and your family are basically screwed. You have no way in getting goods ad services to you because there is no way a human being is going to do that stuff without being compensated in some way. Human beings do not ‘do things on their own.’ They have been preprogrammed to respond in limited, predictable ways and have to be told what to do and get paid to do it. Removing money from the equation immediately will have a calamitous effect.

Human Beings at its current evolutionary state need motivation in order to get things done. It’s not my idea that Human Beings are hard-wired like this. When I was younger I had a more strident view and  I would stop the use of money right now as well, but I recognize that a moneyless society is a process and cannot be installed in a single day. There has to be a practical method in place to get there, and the ‘No Money’ movement has to begin within a practical starting point: Equal Money for All as a Principled Statement that demands that Human Life, not Money –  is to be valued on this planet. But ending the use of money won’t bring that Value of Life to Humanity in any way. It will merely plunge the world into a Mad-Max world (which may not be too far off, anyway). Instead, the common sensical and practical use of money can be employed to make our lives comfortable for every single person on the planet.

Either that, or it’s the Dark Ages Mach 2.


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