2011/01/25 – Rebellion or Refusal?

His name was Mohammed Bouazizi. He was a 26-year-old man trying to support his family by pushing a fruit cart in the streets of Sidi Bouzid, Tunisia. But the police confscated his cart because he didn’t have the proper permits. He was beaten by police when he protested. His complaints to the municipal authorities fell on deaf ears. Question: what would you do in a country of rampant unemployment, political corruption, misery, no voice and no way to be heard?

On December 17, 2010, Mr. Bouazizi walked down to the building of the municipal office that refused to help him, sat down, and then doused his body with paint thinner and set himself on fire. Two and a half weeks later he dies in a hospital. By that time, a string of events will have changed Tunisia forever. But after news of Bouazizi’s immolation reach the people, mass demonstrations erupt all over Tunisia as the result of a single man’s refusal to accept and allow the abuse of an inequitable money system.

Five days later on December 22, another person, Houcine Falhi, aged 22, cries out, “”No to misery, no to unemployment!” before electrocuting himself to death. Massive demonstrations continue. The security forces’ crackdown is unleashed.

By December 28, 2010, lawyers join with the protesters. They are arrested, “savagely beaten” and allegedly tortured by the police. The president of Tunisia,  Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, goes on television and reads the riot act to the country, offering to punish protesters will in all “firmness”of the law.

On January 4, 2011, the Tunisian Bar Association goes on strike in protest of the their members being arrested in the crackdown. The response by the government was to start another crackdown. Eleven days later, Tunisia president makes concessions; promising “reforms” and an investigation involving those arrested, tortures and killed in the uprising. It’s too little, too late. All hell breaks loose when Ali declares a State of Emergency, dissolves the government and flees the country. He wants to go to France, but is refused. He finds support in Saudi Arabia and lands there. Mohammed Ghannouchi, the Prime Minister goes on television and says he’s in charge. Calls for Fhannouchi to step down as well ensue.

Jaunuary 15. Massive looting of stores and empty homes of the Tunisian elites. People are attacked and buildings burn. The police stay at home. The next day there are reports of Ben Ali’s family and associates being arrested.

January 17. The new coalition government is formed and stacked with pro-Ben Ali hacks. The next day the people go apeshit and riot some more. Some of  hacks step down, but others stay. New elections are called, but the people want all Ben Ali backers removed. Two days later, the Swiss freeze all funds that Ben Ali has socked away for a rainy day.

January 21.  National Three Days of Mourning.

January 22.  More demonstrations. This time, they are joined by the police, who claim they were forced to mistreat protestors.

January 23. More of Ben Ali’s friends and allies are arrested, some for treason.


So who knows where this is going? It’s fair to say that nobody could have predicted the events in Tunisia that followed the immolation of a single, abused, abandoned and neglected peasant. He sacrificed his body and his life in what can be called, the Great Refusal – a sacrifice only  undertaken when life becomes so horrendous that setting oneself on fire is preferred. And that point exists within every person. There’s a fucking point where life becomes completely bereft of all meaning and grace, the struggle and hunger and the shocking lack of decency in people is too much to handle, and the only way to deal with the horror of this existence is to refuse to take part and erase yourself from this world. All because he didn’t have a piece of paper allowing him to push a cart with fruit and veggies. An Equal Money system would not allow what happened to Mohammed Bouazizi and all the others who died in the Tunisia  uprising. We will see if Tunisia will be able to create a government that provides for all equally. But I doubt it.



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2 thoughts on “2011/01/25 – Rebellion or Refusal?

  1. nice post. standard post.

    But these types of posts as a class (the tsk tsk head shaking over a general ‘mistreatment of people’) while being a whole hearted advocate for the lie of human free will, are hypocritical in the extreme.

    “There’s a fucking point where life becomes completely bereft of all meaning and grace, the struggle and hunger and the shocking lack of decency in people is too much to handle, and the only way to deal with the horror of this existence is to refuse to take part and erase yourself from this world.”

    Actually that is only true for people institutionalized with the lie of human free will. It is true for people who either were told themselves or heard of it being told to others in a far off country and hated to hear it that there is no free will. For people who hated to hear the truth and actually thought embracing a lie would end well. You tell them day and night they can do whatever they want, whenever they want and in fact if they not doing the latest fad behavior or even what you call “the basics”, they are retarded and not taking advantage of what you call a default human condition. All the “liberty is responsibility” as pertains to government is garbage and is simply more of the same. Then when they find out they can’t, they blame all their shame on someone else as simply part of the ongoing worship of the lie of free will. When you are deceived free will is real, the other people you falsely idealize to have free will are always letting you down somehow –and they are doing it on purpose. Over and over. And your idealization of them is that they are probably laughing about it. They are in such perfect control of their own lives that they make your life miserable by comparison. They have so much control to spare, they use it to torment you! Ha! –that’s what you think inside the lie of your own personal free will: other people become either supermen or monsters.

    You and many others told that guy (who a demon set on fire) that he had free will. You pushed him to it and made it make sense to him by saying he had a freedom that in fact no one has. Your lie that he thought was truth is the only reason mass protest are throwing out the government and setting up a government that will be more of the same, with a new clique in charge for a while.

    I guess you were too busy swilling coffee to notice that Islam is the state religion in Tunisia: a generic free will based religion. They hyped him up in supposed piety to the lie of free will and then when he couldn’t be seen to publicly worship it the way he wanted, the demons in him got upset.

    Nazi women ( and now American women ) think it common sense to kill their children in the womb –based on the lie of protecting a future filled with demonstrations of idealized free will done in front of lots of other deceived people to get approval. This guy kills himself because he doesn’t see that same future for himself. All are demonic.

    But I must have missed your post on the mistreatment of women that drives them to such extreme measures of abortion. Where is your post against immorality that drives getting pregnant before marriage? Or your post pointing out there is no free will and abortion is murder against the human race by demons? Maybe you were too busy trotting out the old lies about “determinism making us robots” , God being cruel and the like and so think at least in the lie of free will you’ve got a chance to ‘have some fun”?

    What your post actually is, is yet another shrug by the slightly amused smart ass/arm-chair social experimenter who is filled with demons as lies over the plight of people who believe what you fell for years ago and don’t live in a Christian country in which you are told directly you have been deceived. Everyone where they live tells them they have the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth: free will. They just call it “allah”. Here you call it secular AND religion AND science while you mock Christ.

    Have some more coffee. Maybe you can get a coffee table made of olive wood to match; made in Tunsia. http://design-evolution.co.uk/projects/kamga-coffee-head-quarters-and-factory-tunisia/. A very satisfied Tunisan probably worked to make them, who gets exactly as upset as you on que for the exact same stimulus. You and your audience can be authentic times three in a hip kind of way in your own mind.

    ﺃﺷﻌﻴﺎء 7: 45 مصور النور وخالق الظلمة صانع السلام وخالق الشر. انا الرب صانع كل هذه.


    In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen

  2. Timothy:

    I really couldn’t give a shit about your religious opinions. If you see something demonic in another, it is only a denied demoniac within you that allows you to see it. That’s how things work.

    I don’t believe you read even one of my blog posts. I would love to see where I posted anything about “determinism making us robots.” You apparently have an axe to grind. Grind it somewhere else.

    I don’t mock Christ. Just CHRISTIANS like yourself, because you, and they, somehow became the absolute opposite of what Jesus supposedly taught. If you followed your Master’s teachings, you would deserve honor and respect. But you don’t. There is no love or humbleness or caring for your fellow man within you as it was for your spiritual leader. There is only a gaping hole of judgment, mendacity, hypocrisy and hateful ignorance where your common sense should have been. There’s judgment and loathing for people who just don’t agree with your views so you must dismiss and slander, worrying about the specks in their eyes without checking the beam in your own. Do yourself a favor, Tim…- and check yourself before you WRECK yourself.

    I know… it must be hard for you to make friends.

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