2011/01/27 – Diamond was a Devil Dog

In my last post, I asked the rhetorical question on whether religious belief was a form of mental illness or not. After what I’m about to tell you, you may say, “Hmm… maybe.” Open disclosure: I love me some dogs. There’s  two of them in the house I live in. They are just very cool dogs, even when they tear up the bathroom and leave it looking like a toilet paper hurricane roared through it. So I wanted to get that out there. So  you know where I’m coming from. The story comes from South Carolina, where a woman killed her nephew’s dog, named “Diamond,” for chewing on her bible. The manner of the execution was rather ghastly: she hung her nephew’s pit bull with an electrical cord. But that wasn’t good enough. She then ended up burning Diamond’s body kerosene and hid it under some leaves. When she was asked why she did this, she replied that Diamond was a “devil dog.” Oh, yes. The bible. You may be forgiven if you think such an act was the form of a demonic possession, because you’d be right. I mean, I suppose it may be “unfair” to judge a major organized religion based on the actions of a single mentally ill person as this 65 year-old-woman, who shocked investigators by the flatness of her testimony. But, if you are mentally ill, belief in the Bible will not really be there to help you. The special failing of the Bible is that it doesn’t matter if you can read and understand what it presents, but if you are mentally ill, God’s Word will be helpless to save you from your insanity. In fact, if you are teetering on the brink of sanity, the Bible may make it worse. That’s a pretty weak link for something considered omnipotent. So keep you eyes peeled for stories like these. Miriam Smith has been charged  with the animal cruelty law, and she could get  up to 15 years. So she’s kinda lucky, for with the proper treatment, it’s possible she can get well. Not as “lucky” is Diamond, who had no idea what the hell was going on in her final moments. Human beings can be horrific – and when I see stories like this, it makes my blood boil.

So please, you wacky, tripped-out, religious maniacs… STOP KILLING MY DOGS!

2 thoughts on “2011/01/27 – Diamond was a Devil Dog

  1. When I was in my twenties I had a girlfriend who was in her thirties and mentally loosing it. We were member s of a Baptist church. I saw how fanatic she became, but already at that points not open anymore for input from outside other than religious mambo. Eventually the pastor suggested her to go to this religious mental institute in the country side. There she really became mentally ill. I once drove her back from a weekend visit in Amsterdam and as a social worker I was devastated to see how many people there were so lost and didn’t find there way home to self while proclaiming that the bible and God were leading them the way to sanity. My girlfriend never recovered after that. I lost track of her when moving through the country and immigrating so she might have reached the state of sanity again, but I doubt it knowing the state she was in.

  2. ” In fact, if you are teetering on the brink of sanity, the Bible may make it worse. That’s a pretty weak link for something considered omnipotent. “LOL

    The fact that this dog had to be the victim for religious freaks to be exposed reveals the amount of shit we’ll have to face just so that the infamous ‘human nature’ as the inherent addiction of mankind to deceive themselves to not take Self Responsitily – can finally get to the eyes and ears of those that may see. Btw isn’t Meisie one of the dogs’ names living there with you? lol!

    Thanks Darryl for making the awful truth a little more bearable with a pinch of humor.

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