2011/01/31 – When Democracy is a Pain in the Ass

Part of the fascination for me about the Middle East situation with Tunisia and Egypt revolves around the political reality of the United States as it plays against the philosophical rhetoric Americans and their government believes they stand for. And what they stand for is Liberty, Freedom, and most of all, Democracy. And yet, here we are; America, the Champion of Democracy caught out backing the Bad Guys who are nothing more than autocratic strongmen, whom out of sheer necessity, have to be supported by the U.S. since these strongmen provide the “stability” in the Middle East that is beneficial to corporate concerns. Thus billions of American dollars have been sent to these countries to keep Muslim political forces at bay in the Arab World. America does not want “democracy” in the repressive societies in the Middle East out of fear that democracy would allow those evil Islamist Mooslims to get elected and fuck things up for everybody.

Be under no illusion that democracy is a much bigger pain in the ass for dishonest, capitalistic countries, who can’t afford to be capitalistic and democratic at the same time – which should prove that capitalism is in essence, anti-democratic. That is why a repressive regime’s military and secret police can be given 3 billion dollars from a democratic nation to be used against people in another nation striving for democracy. And we see, once again, it is all about money.



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