2011/02/03 – On Relationships

My good friend, Bernard Poolman, brought up a very interesting point in one of his You Tube vlogs about the nature of reality (Demonic Relationships Explained). He said, “nothing exists unless a relationship exists.” I immediately saw how the principles of mathematics and equality were implied.When one looks at the word, “relationship,” we are told that refers to links, associations, affiliations, connections and so on. There is, interestingly enough, a thread of philosophy that says much of the same thing (and I don’t know if Bernard previously heard of this or not) variously called, “relationalism,” or “relationism.”  Relational theories of space claim (or theorize) that space does not exist without an object. I’ve heard of this before expressed as a question, “If there were no matter, would time (or anything else) exist? It’s an interesting theory, but in reality, it is certainly true that you and I exist in relationship to everything else, and this can be expressed in purely mathematical terms, such as, “1+1=2.” Oneness (1+1) and Equality (=2)

I see that it is of the utmost importance to live as the 1 and the 1 and the equal sign that is the accumulated 2. I mean, it really makes sense to me, that if I want a decent world, I have to create it through who I am within self and within relationships, equalized within and without as oneness.

Damn… How cool is that?


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