2011/02/04 – Is True Equality found in Religion?

Muslims want sharia law in the middle east and this includes Egyptians. Sharia is true equality not your desteni.’

aaaaaaac1 1 day ago, You Tube comment on  Riots in Egypt as NWO Propaganda

This fake-named coward is typical of critics of Equality that can be seen responding to Desteni videos, which contains items that are factually suspect, loaded with sweeping generalizations, a  m ind-possessed religious zealotry, and an ad hominem smear thrown in for good measure. I won’t dignify that truth – claim of the first sentence with a response because it is so patently false, it would be a waste of time.

However, the second sentence is quite worthy of dismantling:

Sharia is true equality not your desteni.

Now that is quite a claim. “Sharia is true equality…” I don’t know what to make of that. Especially since sharia law (the canonical Islamic law based on the Quran) which lays out religious and secular duties and punishments for lawbreaking. It was under sharia law that four Islamic clerics issued a fatwa where a 14 year-old girl was sentenced to a caning of 100 lashes in Bangladesh for allegedly having sexual relations with a 40 year-old married man. The girl died after 70 strikes with the bamboo cane. The four clerics who ordered the torture were arrested because fatwas are illegal in Bangladesh. The married man who was also sentenced to 100 lashes somehow managed to escape into the countryside. The police are looking for him.

Sharia law also permitted and accepted human slavery. The slave was seen as inferior to his master and was urged to accept his or her secondhand fate, although the Muhammad is shown in the Quran of freeing 63 slaves of his own – his wife freed even more. Freeing slaves was useful for extinguishing the sins of a Muslim slave-owner. Turns out that Islam was as slave-happy as anything Christianity could throw at it.

That’s some “real Equality,” all right.


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