5 thoughts on “2011/02/11 – What is Postmetaphysics?

  1. When I first encountered the term “meta” placed in front of words I was always confused. Why is it there? What is the point of it? It really seemed like a game of adding a shade of grey that was simply more fog.
    Why get caught up in post-meta-physics? Or even meta-physics? Why not simplify it and call it by it’s real name THE PHYSICAL. so that everyone can understand and not enter the feeling of being confused, or uneducated because they don’t understand the words, the words that I sometimes think are constructed with the aim of confusing!
    I think the points you make are really cool and I agree. But the means seem to be to make associations between accepted subtle word play, where the word play is a form of ego.
    ; )

    1. Apparently, the word “meta-physics” is a misnomer, the result of an editor of Aristotle’s mistake. “Meta” in Greek means, “after.” Apparently, this editor had a bunch of Aristotle’s work on Physics that he intended his students to read before they got to Aristotle’s treatises on forms, substance, essence and existence, which the editor grouped together into a volume he called, “meta-physics,” or “after-the-physics.”

      1. So, it was really a note that meant, “read this, afterwards read this” ?
        I guess it is all a bunch of misinterpreted sequences! : )

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