2011/02/19 – The Necessity of a Global Government

The New World Order Bogeyman

We all have heard of the conspiracy theories about the New World Order and the mysterious brains of the Illuminati who intend to assert an authoritarian global government that will infringe on our personal liberties to the point of establishing a prison planet full of slaves like you and me forever and ever, Amen.

But if a global government could somehow be implemented, it would not necessarily be a bad thing, especially if it were appointed by democratic means. Such a world governance could give tremendous support for human beings in different ways.

1. The end of war. A world government would not permit that wars against itself. The United States budget for “defense” for 2010 clocked in at $533.8 billion. Just for one year. In 2009, it is estimated that the countries of the world spent over  $1.531 TRILLION in current dollars. [1] It’s a good bet to guess they spent at least that much last year and into the future. That money could go to parts of the world that need it under a global political-economic organization.

2. The end of selfish capitalism under a single currency. Stateless corporations would be no more. Pollution on a global scale would be finally addressed, and the exploitation of workers to make socks for the First World would be no more

3. Free Movement between countries. While most countries would still keep their traditional borders, freedom of movement from one part of the world to another would be allowed. The Internet operates globally without too much restraint. So shall it be with human beings to move freely across their home.

4. Equal Money. A single currency, the removal of the profit principle, and providing for the needs of everyone will be the benchmarks of the global government. Money will no longer buy elections through trickery and fraud, because the elite will no longer be permitted to exist as a privileged, separate class.

5. Effective Leadership. No longer will undeserving, self-serving political hacks be allowed to run for office by virtue of connections and wealth. People with an aptitude and a wish to serve others will be  the criterion by which government office chooses candidates for leadership. That alone will get rid of a lot of assholes in public office.

When the people finally lose their fear of a global political system,. and understand the principle behind it (radical equality), they will demand it through democratic processes  all over the world. It will happen.

[1] http://www.globalissues.org/article/75/world-military-spending


2 thoughts on “2011/02/19 – The Necessity of a Global Government

  1. Thanks for that perspective, Daryl. I hadn’t considered the view in regard to war spending being cut/eliminated. However, now that I consider it, I see as one of the possible reasons – hindrances / causes of divisions – moving forward, due the military industrial complex. Mega corporations and the governments under them may see unity for what it would be – the loss of their control and status. So, which comes first – an equal money system, or world government?

    1. I would think that they would have to come together by democratic means, but due to the current human design of acting only after tragedy strikes, it will take a cataclysmic global economic meltdown before people everywhere will see that unity among all the peoples of the world is what’s best for all.

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