2011/02/28 – Equal Money and Illegal Drugs

According to a Congressional Research Report [1], the biggest importer of marijuana and methamphetamine into the United States is the country of Mexico. The drug cartels which make all the money through this are engaged in a bloody and protracted war against the Mexican government who wants to close the shipping routes of the cartels, but it’s not so easy, as the cartels, or “drug trafficking organizations,” as law enforcement likes   them,  are flush with money and ammo, and have bribed their way into the good graces of certain politicians. They have even formed associations linking up in alliances that permits them to operate both in Mexico and America with a high level of efficiency.

The big story that’s being communicated through the media about these drug cartels is that nobody knows what to do about them. They are too well armed, too well-disciplined to break down. And they are, under the current money system.

Under an Equal Money System, there would be no need for drug cartels to exist, for they only exist out of the desire for big money. The desire for big money may still exist in human beings after EMS is installed, but the problems of drug trafficking would diminish because the grunts who do it to survive could turn away from it, and people would be able to discuss their addictions more sensibly. Equal Money will not support self-destructive behavior with human beings, because let’s face it, human beings love to destroy themselves, but  EMS can make access to drugs unsatisfying, problematic and exceedingly difficult to enjoy. Most of all, Equal Money can make drugs and the violent oppression it generates unnecessary. And that is something we’d like to see.


[1] Cook, Colleen W., ed (October 16). “Mexico’s Drug Cartels” (PDF). CRS Report for Congress. Congresional Research Service. p. 7. Retrieved 2009-08-09.


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