2011/03/03 – Why the Wealthy Will Give Up their Wealth


Jesus said, “Let someone who has found the world and has become wealthy renounce the world.” Gospel of Thomas, 110.

I question that this is a genuine quotation of Jesus, for it goes against the grain of his general philosophy. The equation seems flawed. A more balanced equation would read, “Let someone who has found the world and have become wealthy, renounce the wealth.” How, for Heaven’s sake, would renouncing the world be of any benefit. I have heard the old adage of, “being in the world but not of it,” but renouncing  the world, the physical, would be like renouncing the self. Renouncing the world is simply renouncing yourself. Not cool.

Which brings me to the notion at  Equal Money will fail because the rich won’t just “give up” their riches, power and control. No, they may not “want to give up” their power and control, but the day is coming when the wealthy elite will have to be persuaded into doing so, for they only enjoy their current status through agreement with everyone under their power. Democracy, as the highest form of human governance yet conceived, will only truly succeed when civic responsibility is taken seriously and not subject to being bought by the highest bidder as it has always been.

There are those that defend the position that the wealthy has earned their money through their own work and effort, but is this an universally indefensible position? For it seems that we are witness to an ongoing media spectacle of the fall of rich and wealthy authoritarian leaders at the hands of the vengeful poor. Obviously, the invisible substance, the unspoken motivation behind the scene of this recent spate of insurrections is money, or rather, who shall be given access to the money. Liberty and freedom are wonderful things, I’m sure, but by themselves they do not give the same comfort and security as money. Which is why the elite go to such pains to protect their wealth, and get the governments to legalize that protection. Be assured, they haven’t been sleeping on the revolutions going on in the Middle East. They’re probably, as you’re reading this, figuring out way to cash in on the revolutionaries’ turmoil. And they will. They will sell back to them the revolution and disgust of  living a life without value at a price they won’t be able refuse or afford. Be that as it may, it is heartening to know that World Equality is inevitable.

For the day is coming when the wage slaves finally run out of money. With no middle class to act as a buffer between the elites and the poor, people will finally begin to understand what has being going on. They will understand that the elite only enjoys their wealth out of agreement. Once that agreement is removed… well, the elites will literally have no “choice” in the matter. In true democratic fashion, the elites will be outvoted. World Equality is inevitable.