2011/03/08 – The Soft Domination

The Law of Necessity, which is the principle that human beings are subject to the phenomena of need related to survival and beneficial relationships, has been glorified and perverted into the justification of wealth and poverty throughout the seeming evolution of human civilization.

In the beginnings of human civilization, within the formative systems that arose from relationships and necessity; cattle, sheep and other animals were converted into symbols of ownership and value – and as the symbol of the “exchange of value,” which is, of course, that which stands as something worthy or precious, which was hoisted as a shield, as it were, to protect one against the fear of not being able to survive. This evolved into the conceptual set pieces of “commodity” and “money,” the currency that powers all the systems of th world.

Within the First World of creature comforts such as flat screen televisions, smart phones and NFL football, we do not realize that we are still subjected to the same fears that created the money system in the first place. So much for the evolution of the mind. We may even be in worse shape than our distant relatives who lived in grass huts and used tools made of stone twenty thousand years ago. They could survive without the creature comforts, natural gas and Walmart. They had to. They were hardened through suffering, survival and creating offspring to ward off the perils of an unforgiving world. But if a reversal of fortune should occur which would plunge the world into an era where the machines stop working because we’ve run out off oil forever, we would be in a world of hurt. For the societies in the last 2500 years has slowly become to be dominated by the Soft: the fluffy infantilism that our inventions have created that support and comforts us that blindly feeds a self-interest that is not often seen by the self. This is one reason the Law of Attraction boom was able to attract some people’s attention: it was a perfect delivery system for painless enlightened self-interest. The Soft is that part of our world that promises a life style that you really desire. Most of us can’t reach that because it’s just an idea planted to make sure you never stop desiring what you can’t have. However, there are flat screen TVs, new iPads and the latest fashion from Vera Wang, and shoes, and places where other people cook and prepare your food for you. There really isn’t that much to surviving if you have enough money to give other people. If you don’t have money, that’s a  big problem because without it, death awaits.

Correctly referred to as a “social animal,” the human being is equally subject to the Law of Relationship, as well, which enhances a being’s life through communication, cooperation and shared goals. Throughout the ages, these principles have been subverted into the soft domination by a minority of Earth’s human population through the addiction of creature comforts and electronics over the majority who live in abject poverty. For the privilege of being born in the First World, we are imprisoned, subjugated and dominated by the Soft and becoming Soft in the process, so no use in crying tears about that . We have some sense of being held in bondage to our possessions and lifestyle. We know, although we live in denial, that the current rate of consumption is unsustainable. We are headed for an economic brick wall of Reality and Karma that is not too far away. The Age of Plastic and Soft Comforts will pass away into something else; either an order were all are considered in Equality, or a chaos of bloody retribution that will look a lot like the post-apocalyptic movies where warriors fight over diminishing resources like gasoline and water we’re so fond of watching.

How do we overcome the specter of our Soft Domination?

Through the principle of Equality; that which is best for all. For Equality is the simplest, elegant solution to the crises of the world caused by the acceptance and allowance of the abuse of the money system. It’s not the money in itself that’s the problem; it is the way we have accepted its utility and allowed scarcity and the machinations of economic wise guys, crooks and thieves that have dominated us with their lies imprinted into us as false needs and desires for soft comforts.


4 thoughts on “2011/03/08 – The Soft Domination

  1. I have been reading your blog and waiting for some kind of Call to Action or suggestions of concrete steps that can help move us to this state of Equality and EMS you are talking about. But you have not yet delivered any real information about what people can do other than rant. I thought perhaps i could find this info on the Desteni site but discovered their teachings can only be accessed after you pay for them. Ha Ha Ha! Equality for those who can afford to buy the nuts and bolts of getting there?

  2. Emily, if one “waits” for a Call to Action, then one is not directing self, but “waiting” for “motivation” or some sort of drama outside of self to move. To wait for a call to action is not valid. We all can see what is wrong with a world where the majority of the human beings on it struggle in absolute poverty, war, famine and exploitation. Isn’t that a sufficient “Call to Action,” if you so needed one?

    But it is a fair question on how to go about establishing Equality. If you’ve followed my blog posts for a while, you can see what I am doing – taking back the words that have been used to signify the highest ideals of man and showing how these words were used to dominate us. Instead of being words that fostered self-trust and human dignity, words like, “Freedom,” “Liberty ” and even “Equality” have been diminished into definitions that fail to live up to their meanings. Thus, Mr. Obama can run a presidential campaign based on “Hope,” a mellifluously abstract idea which certainly resonated with people who elected him to office, while the real “Needs” of the people can’t be met because the system wasn’t built to do that. It was built to make a few people extremely rich, and those beneath them exist as a comfortable buffer between the rich and poor.

    This is untenable, because the Middle Class is drying up. Food and energy costs will soon outstrip even the wealthy. What we are doing at Desteni and the Equal Life Foundation (ELF) is placing a legitimate framework in place of the EMS. The problem that I am dealing with specifically is that people have been effectively brainwashed into fearing Equality as a kooky idea that is “communist,” or “socialist,” or “cultish.”

    The work that we do is bringing people from around the world, who tripped over the Desteni Material and stuck with it. In a couple of years, even more people will have heard of ~EMS. The economic system is headed for a Big Crash in the next few years that will help everyone see how abusive and pathological the money system
    really was And we will be ready to present to the world, our democratic principle of Equality. For the economic tide is against us, and it won’t end until everyone loses everything. It has to happen.

    That’s all for now. World Equality is inevitable.

  3. Just found your blog. So what does it mean when you say that equality is the most elegant solution? How?

    Thank you.

  4. The solution of Equality is indeed “elegant,” meaning graceful, dignified or intelligent. I see it as the simplest answer as well. If you go back through my posts, you will see I speak a lot about Equality and why people have been led to fear it and have unconsciously subverted its’ meaning. The simplicity of Equality as solution to the world situation is elegant, but we will have to do much just to get the definition of the word back to its rightful place, because as of now, Equality is negatively associated with Communism or Socialism. As Capitalism is destined to fall, Economic Equality is the only answer that might possibly work, or we will be the smartest monkeys that ever went extinct.

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