2011/03/13 – Stars “Send Love” to Japan! Really???

Japan is in deep shit, an unknown number of people dead and missing, infrastructure destroyed, millions of people homeless and hungry, a nuclear meltdown… but never fear. Everyone’s favorite pop-psychologist/New Age guru, Dr. Wayne Dyer has a request: he wants you to “send love.”


Send Love to Japan ♥ Send Love in some form to those you believe wronged you, and notice how much better you feel and how more peace you have. — Dr. Wayne Dyer


Yes. Send love and you’ll “feel better.” And it seems like Dr. Dyer’s advice is being picked up by the Hollywood glitterati. Pop Singer Kylie Minogue claimed she ‘sent love’ to those affected by the recent earthquake in New Zealand.

P Diddy tweeted:”Oh man yall see this earthquake in japan??????!!!!! Let us pray!!!! God bless Japan!” I think God’s done enough “blessing” on Japan, thank you very much. Ryan Seacrest tweeted that he was “[s]ending prayers to everyone affected.”  Awesome that the Hollywood celebrity community is sending so much “love” to Japan, but how does someone like you or me “send love” to millions of people on the other side of the world?

Some people imagine a green light around their heart and visualize the green waves reaching all the way to Japan. Seriously. People actually believe this shit: that through the power of what they can imagine within their mind, they can have a physical result. Some people believe if they can “fill themselves with light,” they can “send” that light to others, and things will be all better. At least, the ‘sending” the “light” will “feel” better. I know it might seem incredible, but there are people who call on Arch Angel Raphael or Uriel and visualize them bathing places in crisis with healing light.

What a bunch of hooey. Is there anyone who can offer us with proof that such energetic transactions do indeed take place? I understand where this all came from; the New Age belief that the human mind is allegedly the most powerful thing in existence. But I want to see those who are engaged in “sending love” and “energetic abundance” to Japan and other parts of the world, to give evidence for their claims. If only we could build a machine that could measure such stuff…

Ok, I kid. But this kind of “magical thinking” has gone too far. It is not taking responsibility for anything. It only serves to give nominal ion a way where one doesn’t have to commit themselves to do something for real. And to read about these Hollywood stars with more money than anyone “sending love and prayers” to Japan is sickening. People need to stop pretending that what they imagine is real.



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