2011/03/14 – “Safe, Clean and Cheap?”

“Nuclear energy is safe, clean, and cheap, and it provides the answers to our energy problems. We must not allow misinformation and scare tactics to influence those making the important energy decisions. We, as Christian biologists, should support nuclear power as a practical way to solve our energy problems while preserving the earth.”

Nuclear Power: A Clean, Safe Alternative by Jonathan Schrock, November 23, 1998 [1]

There is certainly evidence that should be clear to all on whether nuclear energy os “safe, clean and cheap,” as recent events in at the stricken Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in northeastern Japan reveals us. At the time of this blog post, a fourth explosion has taken place, and there are fears that massive radiation is emitting from the plant at levels that threaten human life in a 40 mile radius or more. Nobody knows what’s happening there except that if more explosions occur, we will see the extent of the damage in grpahic terms of this “safe, clean and cheap” nuclear energy.

The paper by Mr. Schrock is a testament of how the science community can be compromised by ideological, religious and self-serving interests. If you look at the paper you will see no examples or documentation of nuclear power plant malfunctions or accidents, only a vague, throwaway line:

“The only significant drawback is that high level nuclear waste requires careful disposal.”

As we see in the Tsumani-ravaged nuclear plant in Japan, ‘careful disposal” is only part of the problem, the major reason for the fail was constructing the thing that close to the ocean without any consideration or contingencies in the case of  tsunamis that occur often in that part of the world. In fact, “tsunami” is Japanese for “harbor wave.” They occur in Japan much too frequently to escape notice from the engineers and developers, and yet, they seemingly built it as if a tsunami would never happen there. This negligent action could only be the result of the scientific – industrial complex that produces such axe-grinding sentiment to glorify the “positives” of nuclear energy while not saying much or downplaying the “bad things” that could happen so the nuclear power companies can make a buck. So the question is who is going to be held accountable for this colossal fuckup? How can any restitution be accomplished? We

The lessons of the failure and potentially deadly effects of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant and the scientific prostitution complicit within the science community will not be forgotten for a while. Within the placement of an equal money system, nuclear power plants would undergo a strict, objective review, just as many governments around the world are currently conducting. New plants would not be allowed to be built without design that is short of godhead. Which means they probably won’t be built, simply because they are too dangerous and were only built to exploit the fear of increasing need and scarcity. We may have to downsize a bit, and live closer to the land without benefit of 50″ flat screen televisions or Professional Wrestling. I’d rather live in a less technological world than the in the fallout of the radioactive horrors brewing inside the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.


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