2011/03/21 – Peep Show: Back Chat in Full Effect

The British sitcom, Peep Show,  is one of my favorite comedies to come out of Old Blighty since Ricky Gervais’ Extras. I’ve watched every show (7 seasons!)  made on Hulu in about a week. Cynical, witty and full of hapless situations that are so implausible that they are worrying all-to-real. What I love about this show is that the two main characters, roommates Mark and Jeremy, are depicted with saying their lines which are often accompanied by contradictory, or conflicting internal dialogue. You know, like we all do in our endless quest to make it through the day without causing offense. What this show does is highlight the English obsession with politeness and appearance.

In the “St. Hospitals’ episode, in season 7, while waiting for Mark’s baby-mother to give birth, Jeremy hears Mark sharing his doubts on being a father because he’s a “pedophobe,” someone who’s afraid of children, Jeremy mistakenly thinks Mark means pedophile. Jeremy  says, “Yeah…I supposed I always wondered whether…”

Mark: I always felt weird around children, ya know?

Jeremy: Right. Yeah. but thinks, “Act supportive, or punch his lights out?”

Frowning, Jeremy asks: “And… are you… going to… get help?”

Mark replies, “I don’t know. What kind of help can you get for an irrational fear of children?”

Relieved at hearing the explanation, Jeremy exclaims, “PEDO – PHOBE! Oh, right!”

“Well, what did you think I meant,” Mark asks.

Jeremy squirms a little.

Mark: “Oh, my God, Jeremy.”

Jeremy: It’s just “pedo…” “phobe..” I mean, they’re both bad. I thought you were saying you were a mega-pedo.”

Mark: You thought I was a “mega-pedo,” and your reaction was, you always wondered???

Jeremy: I was grappling. I was grasping!


So, the back chat. This is a Desteni term for the unspoken, internal monologue that goes on within us every day. For myself, I find that the nature of the back chat changes throughout the day. Sometimes inquisitive, like wondering what I’m going to have for lunch. Sometimes it’s very sentimental when a fond memory pops up. Sometimes it is analytical. But most of the time, I realized, it’s savage and sarcastic. I mean, if you really heard what I thought, it would sound a lot like the characters in Peep Show. So would yours. And often, what I am thinking is diametrically opposed to what I am saying. I suppose this is ‘socialization.’ We have been taught at an early age “to keep your opinion to yourself,” and be polite.

Even as I am writing this, I’m having back chats in my mind about some of today’s events and possible future ones. With the Desteni-I program, we are learning how to expose the back chats which dominate our lives by presenting little emotional movies with just enough “truth” to keep it going. My back chat alternatively keeps me hyped up with a thick soup of feelings of longing, frustration, failure, hopelessness and all kinds of stuff mucking up my head. It keeps me from seeing the “real picture” because I believe what my mind is showing me. Well, I used to. Now I question it. Getting out of consciousness and into the physical may seem like an odd pursuit to those who depend on the mind for everything. But that’s where we need to start to truly change. It is not a “spiritual change.” It’s totally physical.

Critics of Desteni, and virtually all of them has ever studied the material in any meaningful way, see the Desteni Process as some sort of “thought control,” “mind control” and even (most ludicrously) “occult fascism” (a term which means absolutely nothing but humorous enough to mention). They are already possessed by their minds, just as the demons once led men and women to their destruction of madness. In time they will fade away while the principles of universal Equality and a dignified life for all will remain. Part of the legacy of Desteni will be recognized for is the Group’s contribution in understanding the true workings of the mind. I’m not a prophet. I just know it will happen.


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