2011/03/27 – Shoot out at Taco Bell!

From the Another Mind-possessed Sap Gets Himself in Trouble Department, comes this story.

A fast food customer became so enraged that his 99-cent taco was raised to $1.49, which mean his order of 7 tacos now cost en extra 3.50, was so vexed and miffed that he pulled out a gun and fired at the manager. Luckily, it was just an air rifle and the shooter missed, but the man also flashed two other weapons in the parking lot before the cops were called. The man then barricaded himself inside his hotel room for 3 hours until the swat coaxed the poor fucker out.

Now, some have lamented that this poor man was a victim of the crushing economic forces that are driving people to desperate measures and this kind of wild, incomprehensible and inarticulate reaction.

They say that the only reason Taco Bell gets any business is because their tacos are such low price, which is a good point, but 50 cents really doesn’t buy doodley-squat anymore.

But it’s not like this guy was ever going to sit in the middle of the parking and protest by setting himself on fire and kick-start some kind of revolution. Who can know what else was going on in his mind before he snapped? It’s seems like a steep price to pay for one’s liberty as the man was charged with two felony counts of aggravated assault against a public servant. Not good for one moment of madness.

However, an Equal Money system would likely have prevented this kind of momentary insanity, since Taco Bells would not even exist in such a system in the first place, and the economic security would have eased the shooter’s mind, because there would be no reason to flip out over fast food, which only exists to profit off of the poor.







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