2011/03/28 – Your Cell Phone is a Microchip!

Critics of the Equal Money System have long cried out over the idea that the best way to keep track of everyone in order to make sure disbursements of funds can be recorded and tracked. They consider such tracking as a nefarious and anti-liberty act of a totalitarian police state. But guess what? You’re already being tracked “police-state style” by your cell phone.

The more tech-savvy readers of the P:S-H blog will already have realized this method of keeping tabs on citizens over the world is not too worrisome, seeing how we are fairly free to go about our business without a Orwellian Big Brother stopping us on the corner wanting a copy of our Social Security card. But I doubt that these critics of Equal Money and the microchipping technology that would be essential to set up economic equality for all will throw their iPhones into the trash when they hear this.

New York Times columnist Noah Cohen related the experience of German Green party politician, Malte Spitz, who took Deutsche Telekom to court to find out what they knew about his whereabouts. The results were interesting:

In a six-month period — from Aug 31, 2009, to Feb. 28, 2010, Deutsche Telekom had recorded and saved his longitude and latitude coordinates more than 35,000 times [1]

This kind of tracking need not be sinister-based. The functioning of the cell phone requires that a steady contact be constantly made to the nearest tower, so tagging is indispensable, as nothing drives cell phone users crazy like dropped calls.

So, imagine this happening all over the world where cell phones are used. Everyone is being tracked. But it is not impinging on your “personal freedom,” although we must admit that under the current practices among human beings who are always looking for an angle to dominate others, without an equal money system, a paranoid reality could be created to keep people enslaved and trapped even more than they are now, if we do not demand and bring forth a viable alternative that will benefit everyone, and not just those who can afford it.

Who wudda thunk it? Cell phones support Equal Money!!! (well, at least in principle)!




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