2011/03/31 – Make Things Happen!

The place where I work has loud rock music booming from unseen speakers at a pretty loud level. I find it distracting sometimes, but there’s more than a few songs I like to listen to; especially anything by Chuck Berry, The Clash or the White Stripes. Too bad I can’t hear any Portishead, Kraftwerk or The Fall. I would really love that.

I spend much of my weekday and weeknight at work, and sometimes the schedules impact the blog and vlog delivery dates, which leave me feeling rushed and dizzy and that “out-of-time” feeling at the end of the day. But I realized something today after listening to a recording by Tom Hopkins. He related that if you can be the most productive as you can be in every moment, you will live a successful life. He also said that your average person will not commit to set down goals. They are not willing to “pay the price,” and so, they remain where they are…

Now that seemed like one of those “hard sayings” you get from some inscrutable guru sitting on a mountaintop. But I could see how that would be. I mean, Steve Jobs didn’t get to be at the top of his field lying around the house all day wondering what was on television. He went out and did things the best he knew how. He did put in the work.

So, I guess it’s that simple: you put in the work and you set goals for yourself and put it down in writing, so it’s real-in-front-of-your-eyes stuff and not floating around invisibly inside your head. You write it down and then do what is written. The activity will set in motion a chain of events because you are now focused and going after the world instead of letting it come to you. You’ve heard it before in the expression of “creating your own luck.” Well, “luck” happens for a reason… namely because you were active and it was somehow “”drawn to you.” Now this may start to smell of Law of Attraction stuff, but within certain limits, something like LOA operates as advertised. But, only for a few.

I wrote this because I know one thing: I can either make things happen, or I can allow things to happen. I would rather make things happen, or else somebody is going to “make things happen for me,” and that might not be what’s best for all, or for me, ya’ know?


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