2011/04/19 – China’s Ghost Towns

There’s not many videos out there that make my jaw drop, but this one did me in. Apparently, China’s government is obsessed with continued GDP growth, resulting in 10 new cities being erected every year. However, the reporter says these cities are largely ghosts towns, being far too expensive for the average citizen. He also claims that it’s estimated that 64 million apartments built by the Chinese are empty.

How would an Equal Money system be applied within all this? Well, for starters, those 64 million empty apartments would be given to the people. Please watch this video. It’s an amazing indictment on the irrationality of our leaders and the economies they serve.

4 thoughts on “2011/04/19 – China’s Ghost Towns

  1. Wow, totally insane. You see this in the U.S. also where ‘progress’ and ‘economic growth’ is more important than people having homes and decent lives- who cares if an ‘economy’ ‘grows’, what we need is a decent life for all and a system which provides for that, not some idea of ‘progress’ for the sake of ‘progress’.

  2. Ford Motor Company of America just moved in! Ford builds Three Uber-Modern, Super Factories in China as we speak! These factories are specifically designed to be ‘manned’ by 98 pound Asian women! Ford is spending billions of U.S. capital, and all the patents, proprietary secrets, tools, blue-prints, knowledge, gained in America in the last century here. Watch now as the city fills, the workers appear, the food supplies the logistics all fall into place, and China and a ten year communist central planning committee scheme fits like a domino into their Pan Eurasian Empire! The commentary here is typically Western logic derived, and based on the Capitalist model of how things should be! horse Shiite from the Western propagandists interested only in building ROI, not nations, for the corporate share holders, not the folks in the streets! Remember: You cannot ‘buy’ a home in China! You can only rent one! All belongs to the state! The rest is Western propaganda in high gear!

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